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  1. VinSparkle

    Drum mic bundles —best sound for value

    Hi all, I’m looking at drum mic bundles and have narrowed down to Shure and Sennheiser.I considered Earthworks for a second, but it’s a little much for a beginner like me. Please let me know your thoughts on these: Shure...
  2. VinSparkle

    Kennett Square PA—random question

    Hey all, does anyone live in or near this place?
  3. VinSparkle

    Wanted: wood hoop Ayotte kit

    Preferably with a 20” kick. I’m in NJ. Thanks guys.
  4. VinSparkle

    14 K Con top hat

    Thanks all
  5. VinSparkle

    Old school drum key, john grey — gone

  6. VinSparkle

    2021 new products

    Anyone got any intel on what the major manufacturers will be offering in 2021?
  7. VinSparkle

    20” K Crash Ride, ~2200g

    Thanks all
  8. VinSparkle

    Sold My 14” K Custom Special Dry Top for your 15” Bottom

    Hi all, I have a brand new 14” K Custom Special Dry Top hat. Bag and all. Weighs 898g. Barely a stick mark. Looking for a 15” Zildjian Bottom hat of comparable quality/coolness.
  9. VinSparkle

    SOLD UFIP Class Cymbals

    Also listed in the swap section. See the link for more information on UFIP/Class series. Shipped prices 16” UFIP Class Fast Crash, 910g, $125 18” UFIP Class Fast Crash, 1210g, $135 20” UFIP Class Crash Ride, 1866g, $145 12”...
  10. VinSparkle

    SOLD 18” Special Dry Crash 1274g

    $225 shipped. Mint.
  11. VinSparkle

    GONE 14x5.5 Sakae Trilogy Green Sparkle Snare, mint ...for a Yammy

    Just bought this new from DCP (the last one they had in stock). I had initially planned to put together an entire kit, but chose to make some other, more needed (LOL) purchases instead, so won’t be happening anytime soon. Barely a stick mark on the skin folks. Would like to trade for a Yamaha...
  12. VinSparkle

    Finally! Larnell Lewis speaks exclusively on his SNOM

    I love this man
  13. VinSparkle

    SOLD Istanbul Agop Turk Crashes 18” and 20”

    20” weighs 1651g $OLD 18” weighs 1390g $OLD Both work well as rides.
  14. VinSparkle

    Ludwig 14x10 snare drum SNOM with Atlas floor tom mount upgrade

    Hi all, can someone tell me when this snare was made? It’s in great condition. White wrap is tight and the color is clean and bright (no yellowing). Has the Ludwig tone control too. Someone retrofitted it with Atlas floor tom mounts and upgraded to PureSound wires. Really cool idea. Makes for a...
  15. VinSparkle

    SOLD 20” Mehmet Empire Jazz Sizzle Ride

    Now $185 shipped (was $195 shipped). 1876g
  16. VinSparkle

    19K Zildjian K Sweet Crash 1532g

    19 K Sweet Crash 1532g. Decided to keep this for now. FYI a couple light scratches to the lower right of the “Sweet Crash” logo. Hard to capture with a camera. Other that, this crash is pretty sweet :). Buttery edges, no dings.
  17. VinSparkle

    21 K Crash Ride vs A Sweet, both about 2500

  18. VinSparkle

    TRADED UFIP Natural Series 20” Light Ride 2200g

    $150 plus shipping from NJ. Nice ride. Mint. From UFIP: The Natural Series have been sensitively updated and fine tuned with the purpose of getting back to the main features that have defined this range since its conception. The New Naturals are darker, richer and warmer, they are faster in...
  19. VinSparkle

    SOLD My 20” Mehmet Empire Sizzle (1876g)

    nice pie that I’m not using that much...not sure what I want in return...lemme know what you got...
  20. VinSparkle

    SOLD 20” K Constantinople Medium Thin Low

    20” Zildjian K Con MTL. Super clean, no dings, bold logos. Lots of hammering. Great crash for rock. 2014g Originally purchased from the Drum Center of Portsmouth, so you know this is a goodie! :) $310 shipped CONUS; $295 pickup/meetup in Northern NJ FYI could be interested in a trade for a...