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    When slaving modules, can you technically have two hihats and two ride cymals because the inputs are there?

    Hey all! I am wondering if, when you slave a module, you can use the slaved moduele's hihat control and cymbal connections to have two hihats. (One on a normal stand and one on a remote stand) Can you do the same with ride cymbals and have two three zone ride cymbals? Thanks, -Nomo
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    Should I save up to buy my dream drumset, even if the finish isn't in good condition?

    Hey all! (This is all theoretical BTW) My dream drumset is an 80's TAMA Superstar in the aquamarine lacquer finish. I would absolutely KILL to have one of these drum sets, I almost don't care about the sizes. Problem is: They're somewhat rare and are REALLY EXPENSIVE. I'm talking $500.00 for a...
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    Can you slave a Roland TD 17 Module to the Alesis Strike? Will it work with drum software?

    Hey all! It's been a while since I've posted. I am wanting to know if I can slave a Roland TD-17 Module to an Alesis Strike Module. Slaving a module is when you connect the MIDI out of one module into the MIDI in of another and configure it so that the "slaved" module will act as a secondary...
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    I would like to find a cheap stencil/PDP kit to use for acoustic to electric conversions

    Hey all! Title says it all. I don't care what it sounds like, just that it looks good. I am not going to be playing it in it's acoustic form EVER. This is purely for conversion purposes. Ideally, I want something with all the hardware included (Tom mounts and Floor tom les). Thanks! -Nomo
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    Why I switched to Vater 5A's

    I used to love the Vic Firth 2B sticks, but I have run into some problems while using them. First of all: Blisters. Lots and lots of blisters. When I would use 2B's I would get large blisters at the base of my fingers and up and down the finger as well. It became so painful that I couldn't...
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    What's your favorite snare drum?

    Hey all! We had favorite drum stick, favorite drum brush, now we have favorite snare drum! My favorite snare drum is by far the TAMA Woodworks 14x6.5 Poplar snare. It has so much rich tone to it, even with the stock heads. I think it sounds amazing no matter how you tune it. Post your...
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    Tama Woodworks 6.5x14 Poplar Snare Review.

    Today I am going to review the TAMA Woodworks 6.5x14 Poplar snare. I bought this snare on sale for $109.99. It usually goes for around $129.99. I bought the natural zebrawood wrap. It is a very nice snare for the price, the black TAMA hardware looks great with the wrap and compliments it...
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    Favorite Drum Stick?

    Hello all! My favorite drum stick is the Vic Firth 2B in Hickory. I hit HARD so I need hickory sticks so that my sticks last longer. I tried SD1 generals, but I shattered them within a few hits on an acoustic kit. Post your favorite drumstick and why below!\/
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    Favorite VDrums Snare/Tom Pad?

    Hello all! I am just wondering what y'all like in terms of snare/tom pads. My personal favorite is the PD-120 from 1997. I bought one off eBay for an incredible price and used it for a while. I then sold it for enough money to buy a snare for an acoustic to electric conversion. I want to have...
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    Does anyone care about the new Ludwig VistaLite Rerelease?

    They are rereleasing a 1970's era Vistalite kit. I myself would kill for one. They are in a (in my opinion) beautiful island sunset color and I will be sad when they go off sale. They are a limited run of only 35 shell packs and each shell pack is $2,789.00. They are also selling a separate...
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    I'm really excited (and nervous) for my first gig.

    Hey all! I am going to do a gig with school of rock later this February. I am really excited to finally get to play for an audience, but I am also terrified that I will screw up and make my bandmates look bad. I have been practicing a lot and it is getting closer and closer to the date of my gig...
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    What kind of snare to look for when planning acoustic to electric conversions?

    (First thread on this forum!) Hello all! I am looking for a snare to use for an acoustic to electric conversion. I would like to find a snare that is under $150.00 and sounds good if I want to change the heads back to acoustic to use for a gig. I would like something at least 14x6.5 in size and...