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    Six Lugs, Eight Lugs, or Ten Lugs?

    I reconfigure marching snares for use as drum kit snares and those are usually 10 or 12 lugs. 8 lugs is my comfort zone for a 14" snare. But 6 will get the job done if needed. So when I tune a snare with 12 lugs, I mark the top of every other tension rod with a Sharpie. I bring the head up to...
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    Cleaning sharpie off old K signature

    Alcohol removes Sharpie readily. Start conservative with isopropanol. I have commercial grade isopropanol but it's essentially the same thing as drug store rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol typically contains additives like lanolin so I avoid it if possible, but it works. The stronger percentage...
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    NPR's 50 Favorite Songs of 1971

    When my kids ask me if good music is likely to come from good times I tell them heck no. Some of the greatest music ever made in this country was recorded during WWII and the Nixon administration.
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    NPR's 50 Favorite Songs of 1971

    As a list, it's a good start. Thank goodness it's "favorites", not the usual Rolling Stone "Best" by imperious decree. But 1971 was so rich that they're gonna need a bigger list. The problem is that they restricted submissions to member stations. If they had included submissions from other...
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    Buddy...I was listening last night, and BAM!

    I appreciate Buddy for keeping the great Steve Marcus steadily employed for a bunch of years. I also admire him for recognizing that the electric bass was an effective means of powering a big band.
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    Rotator cuff surgery and pain length

    Both my roto cuffs are goofed up and at the point where there's no good reason to just keep administering steroid shots. They just have to decide which one to do first. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the benefits. No one asks me to play keeper at weekend old men's soccer games. No one asks me to...
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    Oak Sticks

    Hopefully any beech sticks are made of European beech, as domestic beech can be pretty miserable material. I always wanted to rive some straight grain oak stick blanks, air dry them, and send them in to get turned. Or turn them myself. Same with ash. I don't know how the stick companies buy...
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    Gary Burton - Vibraphonist

    Gary paid open mindedness forward. Stan Getz was supportive of him turning off his resonator fans as he was creating his signature sound, and he in turn was supportive of Steve Swallow's transition to electric bass. As people have mentioned, a very bright and astute person. Funny story from...
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    The Greatest Prog Drummers of All Time (No, He's Not No. 1)

    I always liked the Blues Project. There's that word again. Pip Pyle is one of those drummers that got my attention from the very first note. I was fortunate to see the original Happy The Man lineup a few times with Michael Beck on drums. In the mid 1970's not every band had a drummer playing...
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    Do you think kids practice more today because of You Tube?

    A few years back, our middle school band director wanted his kids to do something a bit special at the regionals. He pulled out some Duke Ellington charts and had the kids watch clips of the Ellington band on YT. Especially the sax section. The kids practiced hard, did a good job and blew...
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    Quick shout out to hazelshould and DFO

    If I go visit his site, trouble awaits. That's my crack house. He's always got something that I seem to end up craving. He got me to the point where I wouldn't buy a cymbal without hearing a sound sample. Used to be I'd buy a cymbal if a similar cymbal sounded good five years earlier at the...
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    How to get past a prejudice

    If you can turn this into a script, I think we can sell it to Miles Teller. But somebody's drum kit is going to have to get smashed at some point during the filming.
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    New A&F Hi-Hat Stand

    It could be worth the cost if it allows you to travel with a smaller, lighter hardware bag. The hi-hat stand is the primary reason I have a long hardware bag that weighs a ton even with nothing in it.
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    Mics and Cables - how do you transport to / from gigs?

    When Musician's Friend put Road Runner tom bags on closeout, I got a few at 14.99 a pop. For cords and cables. They have 9x10 and 10x12 at that price. I cut circular dividers out of double wall cardboard or 1/8" ply so I can stack cables right up to the top of the bag like IHOP pancakes. Color...
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    OT: Your Favorite Schwarzenegger Movie

    I like Bill Hader's impressions of Arnold. A lot of people do that voice but he gets me laughing the hardest. I'm old enough to remember when Arnold was competing in shows as Arnold Strong. He was sure that he had no chance of becoming famous as Schwarzenegger. But he's taken it to the point...
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    Yet another Guitar Center visit thread

    In their present financial condition, GC offering 24 month financing is like someone my age buying green bananas. There are actually times when I like the clueless, indifferent GC approach. Sometimes the Sweetwater folks start getting a bit too excited after I submit a $35.00 online order and...
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    OT: Armen's Advantage

    If you're going to run for office, make sure your campaign slogan has a good ring to it.
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    How long till Ebay has Myspace type tumble weeds rolling around?

    I haven't listed or sold anything on eBay for quite a while. I buy something once in a while. I would consider selling there if they offer the same price break on shipping that Reverb does. Reverb's in-house shipping system isn't perfect, but it's a lot better than paying individual shipper...
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    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    My first clue that Mapex meant quality was hardware. The clamp-on tom arms are great. I got in a 20 x 20 maple bass drum that is very well made - to the point where I'm going to cut and re-edge it to 20 x 16, or perhaps a bit shallower. It would be great if they hadn't given the company a...
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    Were you ever bitterly disappointed by a signature product?

    As a lifelong devoted admirer of Catwoman, I'm deeply attached to my Sabian Leopard Ride.