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    "Low" "Medium" "High" Snare Drum Tuning

    I tune my snares to specific pitches and I have a preference. The snare side head is always tuned to an A. In some rare cases, with a low tuned snare, I might drop down to a G. To most people, an A is pretty tight, but it sounds right to me. I also watched a lot of tuning videos and the snares I...
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    What really is "Crank it" on a snare resonant head?

    From every drum tuning tutorial I've watched and by personal experience, I always tune the snare side head to an A. That's about as high as I'd go on a 14". I go a bit higher on a 13". Lowest I ever go is a G. An A on the snare side and an E on the batter side is my sound, with a Controlled...
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    A Good snare batter comparison video - Remo, Evans, Aquarian

    I was very much in to the Evans HD Dry for a couple years. Then I switched to Remo CS. The sound really opened up and I got a lot more crack. I have to use a little dampening but not too much. I actually use a 2"x2"x.25" foam block that I gaff tape one side to the rim. When I hit the snare, the...
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    Tuning by ear vs drum dial rant...

    My apologies. I really didn't mean to stir up any animosity or make anyone feel bad about their ability to hear pitches, but I think I did, so I apologize. My real point was that the Drum Dial does not always give a perfectly tuned drum, no matter what the dial says the tensions are. It can be a...
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    Tuning by ear vs drum dial rant...

    rant start... I had a drummer friend over. We were checking out the differences between tuning by ear and by drum dial. I was the "tune it by ear" guy and he was the "tune it to equal tension" guy. I have to say, I am not a drum dial fan. Maybe it can help those that just don't want to be...
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    George Fludas is Bonham 2.0 on drums

    George is a cool guy. Very talented but humble.
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    ummm yeah, I don't think so, Bro...

    I personally like their videos and they give me a different way to look at things. To each his own.
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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    Up till this last weekend I would say a Mapex Dillinger. The lugs were tapped so badly that tuning it was a real chore. It had a grind to it and just wouldn't tune evenly. I basically retapped every lugs, lubed them, replaced heads and wires and now it is completely usable. It's still not a...
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    Rosewood Snare Shootout!

    I have to say I like the first one best. it had more body to it. Most likely due to the triple flange hoops on it as opposed to the cast hoops on the others. It was more open sounding to my ears.
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    Yamaha Crosstown Hardware

    Drummer I work with bought that hardware to help save his back. He's been very happy with it. Seems solid enough and the weight difference is pretty big.
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    Where Ludwig Custom Drums are made, even the shells

    I've got a Ludwig Classic Maple kit and it was made in the USA in Monroe, North Carolina.
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    So you're shopping for a new 14x6.5" brass snare [UPDATE: purchase made]

    I think the Pearlsensitone is great at any price. Personally, I listened to them all and went with the Pearl Sensitone Bronze 6.5x14. It was just a touch drier than the brass. I would not consider it a dry sounding drum at all. Great drum.
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    Any Pearl drums enthusiasts? What’s your opinion on Pearl?

    I had to decide between a Ludwig Classic maple and a Pearl Masters Maple Complete. I ended up with the Ludwig kit but I think I may have gone the other route if I did it again. Both kits are great and I wouldn't rate one over the other. Some don't like the Pearl tom mounts but I never had...
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    Testing 10 Drum Sets: What heads?

    I agree. Ambassadors would be my choice so you can hear the sound of the drums and not the head (as much). I also would not add any dampening as that will skew the results. Everything tuned the same with tunebot or by ear. Drum Dial won't give the same pitch on every drum.
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    Snare side experts needed - audio example included

    I did get a replacement snare from Ludwig. Surprisingly, the new shell is also out of round and very difficult to tune. At least this time around, the hoops are not out of round as well. I don't think I will buy another wood shell Ludwig snare again. I had thought it was going to be great but I...
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    Snares with hard to turn tension rods

    Thanks for all the input. I did get a 12-24 tap and I will work on that as I get some free time. It's worth a shot.
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    Helluva great snare drum deal

    My only Mapex is an inexpensive Armory Dillinger. For the price I paid, it's not bad but I would have jumped on this deal had I not just got the Dillinger. Yes, they some dumb (Jr. High) kind of names. I was interested in the Exterminator too. Sadly, another dumb name. I'd like to get a Cherry...
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    Snares with hard to turn tension rods

    Hoops were round. I will check if there are any lugs slightly off. Thanks for the tip.
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    Snares with hard to turn tension rods

    I recently picked up a very slightly used Mapex Armory Dillinger. I bought new heads (Amb snare side and Remo CS on top. While replacing the heads and tuning up, I noticed how much stiffer some tension rods were than others. I was tuning up with a key on each side and going in a star pattern...
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    Coated Remo Emperors vs Coated Evans G2

    The title says it all. I currently have coated Ambassadors on my toms (Ludwig Classic Maple). Coated on top and clear on bottom. I like the sound but do find I have to use some muffling when recording. I used to use Pinstripes but I felt they were a little too thuddy and I didn't care for the...