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  1. Esotericdrums

    Cleaning sharpie off old K signature

    When I bought this old K the weight was written under the bell in sharpie almost directly over the original signature from the foundry. what’s the best way to try to remove the sharpie without danger of losing the signature as well?
  2. Esotericdrums

    6” LP Rancan Bell

    Wanted a 6” Rancan Bell
  3. Esotericdrums

    Gretsch Swamp Dawg

    Does anyone have an experience playing a Gretsch swamp dawg snare? I currently play a 14x8 Ludwig black oak/maple hybrid and love it. It’s snaps, is super sensitive and has that great deep tone. But Im playing a Gretsch Brooklyn satin mahogany kit now and I thought the swamp dawg would be a...
  4. Esotericdrums

    22 K Con Hi Bell MTL/20 K custom dry

    I’ve got a 22” K con Hi Bell medium thin low at 2612g. Awesome cymbal, dry but crashable, great stick definition. Willing to trade for a light weight 22 Kerope (in the 2100-2200g range), or a 22 Renaissance, Bounce or Thin Overhammered. also a 20” K Custom Dry ride with 3 rivets. Great cymbal...
  5. Esotericdrums

    Swap shop

    I am a relatively new member here but love the sense of community and knowledge shared here. What do I need to do to be able to post in the swap shop or for sale?
  6. Esotericdrums

    Cymbal oxidation

    I recently moved into a new house about 2 years ago. I’ve noticed since the move that some of my older cymbals are developing patina/green oxidation quicker than I have seen in the past. I’ve got a small stamp A that has started to turn very green underneath over the last year. And some other...
  7. Esotericdrums

    K Istanbul characteristics

    Those of you with knowledge on old K’s what are some general characteristics between Old Stamps, New Stamps and Intermediate Stamps. For someone looking for their first old K is there a particular stamp that is more highly sought after than others and for what reasons? I’m contemplating a set...
  8. Esotericdrums

    22 K Con Hi Bell Dry

    Does anyone have any experience with the K Con Hi Bell Dry rides? I’ve found what seems to be a pretty good deal on a sound lab prototype of this discontinued model but can’t find much info online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Esotericdrums

    K Con trouble with rust?

    Hey guys, long time lurker just made an account to post this, hope someone can help! I recently purchased a new 22” K Con medium thin low. It had a lot of greasy finger prints from sitting at guitar center for however long. Needless to say I know most are against cleaning cymbals and I am as...