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    Great recorded drum sounds

    Matt the bass player here again. I found this page with a list of some really great recorded drum sounds. Some really great tracks I had not heard before, especially David Axelrod stuff and Marva Whitney. What are some of ya’lls favorites and must listens...
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    Detuning only some lugs???

    Just watched a video by Nick V at SW where he suggests detuning three lugs on a tight snare to give it a different less overtone sound. I am new to drums, so please forgive the noob question. But it seems like having drastically uneven tension might be potentially damaging to the drum head or...
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    Noob drumhead question

    Hello Matt the bass player back to ask for guidance from real drummers. Thinking of getting new heads for my Tama swingstar 12, 13, 16. Thinking of getting Diplomat skyntones for batter and evans reso 7 coated for bottoms. Is there any reason these won’t go well together? Should I just get the...
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    Elbow pain from ride

    Help, I’m new to drums. Only a few months of learning drums, but a lifelong bass player and musician. Anyway, trying to keep a jazz rhythm going on the ride seems to leave my right elbow in serious pain. Am I doing something wrong with my technique? Is there an ideal position and angle I...
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    Vintage Zildjian ink

    Does anyone have any photos of what ink stamps should look like on 1960’s vintage Zildjians? Ive only read that they “were” labeled, and found pics of the “heavy”, “paper thin”...etc stamps. But what did the “Zildjian” look like, if any, and where does the “Zildjian” go? (opposite engrave...