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  1. fishstix94

    Should I Buy a Sample Pad

    Hey everyone, So I recently had to move for work. I'm now living in DC in a small apartment. Naturally, I can no longer play my kit in this setting. I really don't want to hassle around with renting a practice space. So I started looking into sample pads. I just want something to keep the...
  2. fishstix94

    Meinl Jazz thin hi hats

    Woukd be interested in 14 or 15in
  3. fishstix94

    Practice Space in Philly

    So I'm living north of Philly, in Blue Bell PA.. I've been looking for a legitimate practice space for months and have had no luck.. anyone have suggestions? I'm definitely willing to spend for it.. Unfortunately I'm stuck in an apt for the time being and need somewhere to play. Let me know if...
  4. fishstix94

    25% Off Casico inventory

    I got an email from them this morning.. If you use the code 25DEAL you will get 25% off.. While I'm sure that their is restrictions, I tried it on a few different items and it worked!
  5. fishstix94

    Issues with Gretsch snare throw..

    So I picked up a nice gretsch Steve Ferrone snare from a DFO member. It's a nice snare but I am having issues with the snare wires/throw. Admittedly this is my first gretsch snare, and my first snare that can be adjusted on both sides of the wires. I am having an issue where the knob on the non...
  6. fishstix94

    **PRICE DROP**Paiste Mastes 22" prototype crash ride.

    I picked this up a few weeks back, and it is a cool cymbal. Unfortunately it just isnt different enough from what I have. It has a dark, dry, washy sound. The cymbal is in great shape and is drilled for 3 rivets but there isn't any installed. I bought a pack of bosphorus rivets that I will...
  7. fishstix94

    Meinl thin Jazz hi hats 14"

    I am looking for a pair of these! If you're selling some let me know!
  8. fishstix94

    Gretsch Broadkaster w/vintage build.

    So I was casually scrolling through Instagram the other day and I stumbled upon a store selling one of the gretsch broadkasters featuring the vintage build. These things are just absolutely stunning. Everything that I'm looking for in a kit! After a little research I found out that a 3piece is...
  9. fishstix94


    Up for sale we have a few solid cymbals! 1.) Paiste masters dark 15" hi hats: I'll be honest most of the time I hate these. My regular hi hats are 2 17" crashes and actual hi hats just dont cut it anymore. They are useful for certain projects, so I wouldn't hate to keep them. $350...
  10. fishstix94

    Buying a restored Roger's kit...

    So I'm trying to gauge the value of a kit that my friend is selling.. It is a 60s Roger's holiday setup.. the potential package would include two kicks 20 and an 18.. then 16/14/13/12/10 toms. The 10in tom isnt a Roger's but was made by a custom maker to match the tone very well. The kit was...
  11. fishstix94

    Yamaha club custom

    Really looking for a black or orange club custom. Preferably with a 22in or 20in bass drum. Message me if you have anything! -Fish
  12. fishstix94

    Paiste Masters 15in hi hats

    Title says it all. Been looking for a pair of these for awhile. Let me know if you're selling/trading.
  13. fishstix94

    Hot deal at Chicago music exchange.

    If you email them or give them a call they have special pricing on the dream vintage bliss crash rides. $150 for the 20" and $200 for the 22". Pretty amazing deals!
  14. fishstix94


    Up for sale is a nice Gretsch Catalina Club kit. The configuration is 18/14/12 with a 14in snare. The kit is in excellent condition. I've used it mostly as a practice kit, and I've gigged it 2 or 3 times at smaller venues. For the price these are really solid kits. At the moment I'd prefer not...
  15. fishstix94

    Cymbals for sale: Meinl Sand Hats and crash ride, sabian crash, zildjian crash.

    I have a few cymbals up for sale today. Prices don't include shipping. 1. Meinl Sand 22" crash ride: This cymbal is in solid condition with no dents, cracks or keyholing. I did remove one of the 3 rivets. The cymbal does show some black stick marks from previous owner. Overall the cymbal is in...
  16. fishstix94

    Meinl Sand Hats/ Extra dry medium 14" hats

    Title says it all, would love to buy/ trade for a set of sand hats or ED hats! Let me know
  17. fishstix94

    Yamaha club custom kit

    Looking to purchase a Yamaha club custom kit in a 20/14/12 setup. Would also be interested in a 22 possibly.
  18. fishstix94

    Yamaha Club Custom

    Looking for a club custom, either the orange or black swirl finish and I am looking for the 22x15 model or the 20x15. Message me here or email me at [email protected] thanks!!!
  19. fishstix94

    Looking for 16-17inch hi hats

    Need a set of "phat" hats!!! Looking for 16 or 17inch hats. I would be willing to buy or trade! Cymbals I have for trade: Zildjian k light ride 24" Meinl transition ride 21" Sabian aax freq crash 18" Meinl Sand hats 14"
  20. fishstix94


    These are 14" hats, in good shape. There are no chips, dents, or key holing. The logo has faded a little but the hats are still in great shape! Asking for $180 + shipping! Feel free to ask any questions. Fish