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  1. codydee12

    Will The Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Patina With Time?

    When I look at the cover of Carter Mclean's book or look at multiple folks on this site, or even just sit behind my buddy's 30th, it gives way to a completely different vibe than my 30th that I just purchased in November of this past year. I read on some other posts on DFO of the changes from...
  2. codydee12

    Older Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Ride - 22 or Larger

    Looking for some of the older Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Rides. The ones that have the darker areas on the cymbal that have the old K look. Some examples below of some I have seen on here. I have a new (bought in November 2020) Agop 30th Anniversary Ride that I bought a few months ago that...
  3. codydee12

    Gretsch 4157 14x5.5" 8-Lug Snare Drum with SOLD! Round Badge 1958 - 1971 White Pearl

    An amazing snare with that great Gretsch sound! I bought this a few weeks back to just experiment with. I am new to Gretsch snares and man, was I blown away by how good this snare sounded! This snare is a 6 ply (I believe a combination of maple and gum). The Diecast hoops have two areas that...
  4. codydee12

    SOLD- 8 Pairs - Vic Firth Freestyle 5A - Brand New

    All brand new - never used! Bought them at guitar center and decided I want to play a different stick. Just looking to get some of the money I spent back on these. 8 pairs! All brand new. Math works out to be about $7 per pair so you are saving $3 plus tax per pair vs what I paid for them. $40...
  5. codydee12

    Any Ferit Odman fans out there? I am on the hunt to find more live performances of his!

    Hey DFO, among some of the other living legends, I have been digging into Ferit Odman and wondered if anyone knew of any videos of his. I started the YouTube journey and found a handful (primarily from his channel - I loved the videos from his most recent album). I know he has played for a...
  6. codydee12

    DIY Drum Room

    So I debated posting this yet because I am not quite finished but I thought this might also be a good opportunity to have some folks weigh in as I look to finish the project. I created a room within my office to be my practice/recording space and I freaking love it! It’s 3 layers of drywall...
  7. codydee12

    SOLD-Ludwig Supraphinic -70s Blue/Olive Pointed Badge

    Supraphonic from the 70s! 1976 - 1979 I believe. I am sure someone on here knows for sure. In great condition. It has pitting and very minimal rust. Still has the original heads and snare wires on the drum. 300 plus shipping for DFO members! Thanks for looking :)
  8. codydee12


    Beautiful condition! It seems like the 6.5 is hard to come by. This drum sounds huge and has a great warmth to it. Still has mostly original hardware. No issues tuning, holding its pitch, or keeping tension on the snare wires. There are a few spots worth noting (all are pictured) that the drum...
  9. codydee12


    6.5x14 Steel Snare Shell Chrome Plated $80 shipped CONUS 6.5x14 World Max chrome plated steel snare drum shell. This steel snare drum shell is 1.3mm thick with rolled flange bearing edges, which is standard for metal shells, and snare beds already installed. From what I can tell, the snare...
  10. codydee12

    Earthworks and their great customer service

    I know this sounds salesy but I honestly was so blown away by my experience that I thought it was worth sharing on here. The short of it - I had a DM20 sending a funny signal; Sent it to their techs; They sent back a brand new DM20. I bought this DM20 a while back and have a few now. It’s my...
  11. codydee12

    Drum with Mike and Eddy - podcast worth listening to!

    I did a quick search but didn’t see much conversation about this podcast. I started listening because carter McLean was a part of an episode discussing inspiration vs motivation. As if the wisdom shared in that episode wasn’t already enough, I decided on a whim to start from the top after...
  12. codydee12

    Homemade Pancake - A(nother) A&F DIY Recipe

    How many ways can you make a pancake? Several ways I presume. I have thought about sharing this for a while and recently recorded with this snare. Figured it would be a good time to share with the world another very amateur attempt at a DIY Pancake. Shell was originally a PDP POS...
  13. codydee12

    My New Classic Maple (w/all roundover edges) Came In Today!

    So I ordered this Ludwig a few weeks ago on Oct. 7. I wanted a smaller maple kit that with a (IMO) timeless finish. I had all the bearing edges cut to be round overs. I honestly could not be happier with the final product! I have seen some other folks on here asking about the round overs since...
  14. codydee12


    I have two c414s up for grabs! Price for DFO members is $1200 for the pair shipped con US! Let me know if you have any questions. AKG C414 LTD Reference Recording Microphone 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 2007...
  15. codydee12

    Reflexx vs any other pad on the market

    I did some reading on older posts on DFO. Seems like reflexx reviews (minus two or three posts) are overwhelmingly positive. But I see only one in stock on reverb. No other drum shops/online shops seem to have them available. Anyways, I digress. What’s everyone’s favorite pad? Is reflexx really...
  16. codydee12

    SOLD* 1970s Mahogany Premier Kit with 2000 Steel Snare!

    As best as I can tell, this kit is a '75 gig master with Mahogany shells. Asking $800 Shipped! See plenty more pictures here: 22x14 kick drum with tom mount 12x8 rack tom 13x9 rack tom 16x15 floor tom (I can show a pic...
  17. codydee12

    SOLD - Zildjian Avedis Crash

    Up for sale is a pair of new beat hi hats (14") and a 14" thin crash. SOLD - 14" New Beat Hi Hats $100 Shipped - 14" Thin Crash Hats are in great shape. No issues at all. The Crash as some light roughing on the edge in a few spots - certainly not a full on flea bite/nick on the edge. PM if...
  18. codydee12

    Risen drums to Franklin drum co?

    Has anyone seen much/heard about risen changing their name to Franklin Drums? I have loved the drums risen put out over the years. Curious why they are starting “from scratch”.
  19. codydee12

    WTB carter McLean Pro Mark sticks

    I know carter is on here but I have already reached out to him. There aren’t any c Mac sticks for sale through pro mark until January. Wanted to see if anyone had a pair laying around. Would love to get my hands on some just to try. Thanks!
  20. codydee12

    WTB Earthworks DM20

    Looking for a dm20! Just bought one in mint condition on reverb for 240. Looking to stay in that price range. Thanks!