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  1. Squirrel Man

    Metal hall of fame

    Didn't know it existed until today. Looked it up, curious. Must only have been around for a couple years, not a lot of inductees and the list is... curious.
  2. Squirrel Man

    Free - PDP True Pitch Tension Rods 55mm

    Sweetwater said these were the right ones but they weren't and sent me the correct replacements and told me to just keep these. I don't have any use for them but you can have them, just pay shipping - can't be more than 5 or 7 bucks. They cost me $16 shipped. 3 boxes of 8 rods each - 24 total.
  3. Squirrel Man

    NPR's 50 Favorite Songs of 1971

    I was pleasantly surprised going through this list, some really really good way-back stuff in here and a few things I didn't expect to see. Worth the look and streaming all songs option (I think) on the bottom of the page...
  4. Squirrel Man

    Led Zep Rock and Roll

    So I figured out the extro for the song, didn't take me long and I over-think things but it's not that hard. I lead the triplet part with my right hand for now, I'm working on leading it with the left hand and that's a bit difficult, it's going to take me a couple weeks or more to get that...
  5. Squirrel Man

    Happy International Jazz Day!
  6. Squirrel Man

    Top 10 Facts About Drums

    Worth the read...
  7. Squirrel Man

    Stick/hand control

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed ad nauseam but here it is again. It might be lengthy, I'm sorry about that but I have a lot going on in my cranium on this topic. Diddles on the pad - I have a litany of them and I've worked on them to death and I know it's a long process but I'm finding...
  8. Squirrel Man

    OT (sort of) - Reverb

    So I have a couple items listed on Reverb. Check this out, I get an order from someone, I'm only notified by these messages: Hey I just purchased your XXXXXXXX. If you can expedite the shipping and do overnight I will pay the difference via cashapp just let me know . I purchase it via guest...
  9. Squirrel Man

    * * * SOLD * * * Promark Hickory Wood Tip Sticks - 2B, Brand New

    Switched to smaller sticks, they're just laying around. Brand new. $20 shipped
  10. Squirrel Man

    *** SOLD **** Sakae 6.5 x 14 Steel Snare

    I picked up a couple of snares and going through my stock to purge some things off. I can't have too many things lol Mint condition, purchased last year new for $240 on close-out, asking $200 shipped in it's original box. Mounted a brandy new Remo Ambassador on it, everything else is stock...
  11. Squirrel Man

    Happy 55th Birthday Aftermath
  12. Squirrel Man

    Superdrum 12

    Stumbled on this and since I'm an inquiring mind wondered a) is anyone familiar with this drum and b) check out the price difference between one listed on Amazon and direct from the retailer. Seems like there's a story or two behind this drum...
  13. Squirrel Man

    Bass drum foot technique

    Switched to heel-up last year and it feels comfortable, I don't have a problem with general kick play but I'm trying to up that game for me, speed and control. So the kick routine I've been doing for the last few weeks is a lot of repetition. I know this isn't exactly an accurate notation but...
  14. Squirrel Man

    Bass practice pad

    Anyone ever use these? There's a bunch of them out there. Been working on my footwork lately and I think I'm driving the family suicidal with it and like my practice pad for sticks thought I could spend some evenings working on it watching the hockey game or something but I've seen mixed...
  15. Squirrel Man

    Who needs bandmates when your kit sings to you?

    Working on goofy things so I flip my snares off, footwork and I'm trying to listen to it above the snare. I hear singing, almost glorious singing - tones everywhere, high and low. It's my snare overtones I'm positive but it's eerie surreal. A beautiful voice raising and lowering in synch with...
  16. Squirrel Man


    Just curious, I've been working on a lot of technique lately. Fingers, grips, feet. Spending a lot of time playing stuff and it's paying off I'm pretty sure but I spend more time on thinking about things and I'm content at this stage. I can play tense and I'm trying to loosen up a bit and I...
  17. Squirrel Man

    OT - Phones

    My phone is dying a miserable death. I've had it for 5 years, android knock-off, TCL. It was fine, had LG something or another for 10 years prior. I'm not a tech guy, I just want a phone that takes some pics and movies, calls and texts with a browser - that's it. I don't want or need...
  18. Squirrel Man

    Bass drum - bury or rebound?

    Wondering what folks here think about this, among the techniques I'm paying attention to is my kick. Not my strongest aspect but it can be a lot sometimes and I'm looking at it a lot lately. Softened the tension on my springs and that made a bit of a difference and positioned the height of the...
  19. Squirrel Man

    SOLD - Paiste Rude 22 inch Power Ride (The Reign)

    Purchased last summer, my all time favorite ride but a bit noisy for what I'm doing now and I'm thinning out my drum stock and keeping basics. Excellent condition, really barely used. No cracks, chips or keyholes. Listed on Reverb for $300, $275 plus shipping for DFO members...
  20. Squirrel Man

    SOLD - Zildjian K Pack

    14 inch hi-hats (top and bottom) - the "Hitler" hats from a thread I posted once lol 16 inch dark thin crash 18 inch dark thin crash 20 inch ride cymbal Purchased in July 2020, excellent shape, no cracks, chips or keyholes. Almost brand new. Asking $800 on Reverb, $750 for DFO members plus...