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  1. Rmgreg

    Drum Recording Questions

    Bear with me I'm new to drum recording and setting up my music cabin soon. This is a beginner question. If I have 4 - 7 mics on drums and also record guitar, bass and vocals, this sound like a nightmare of cables leading to the audio interface. I'm curious how others setup their recording...
  2. Rmgreg

    Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface?

    I just discovered my LG Gram 17" laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port. Not sure I know what it is :) Other than it's faster than standard usb? I was looking for an audio interface with at least 8 mic preamps. Does anyone have any experience with or recommend any Thunderbolt 3 interfaces? Does it...
  3. Rmgreg

    Anyone tried these for Overhead mics?
  4. Rmgreg

    Opinions on this Preloaded Mac

    Found this on market place. Interesting idea even thought I'm not a Mac guy. Its a pro tower with software already on it. Thoughts from Mac users? I'm setting up a drum cabin / recording area. I have a Pc laptop and was looking at different DAWs. I'm new to recording but have drums, guitars...
  5. Rmgreg

    Beginner Audio Interface and DAW suggestions

    I am wanting to setup a home recording studio on the basic side. Not to professionally produce but to get reasonable quality recordings.. Better than a phone or single mic setup. I will likely want 4 mics on drums but also have the ability to record guitar, bass and vocals. I have a behringer...
  6. Rmgreg

    Speed King Models

    Anyone know the difference between the l201's made 2001-2014 and the newer l203 speed king pedals?
  7. Rmgreg

    Tuning frequencies

    Does anyone have recommended fundamental frequencies for a 5 tom setup using something like the iTuneDrums app or Tunebot 22" kick and 10, 12, 14, 16 rack toms and 18" floor tom. Just looking for starting point. Here's what iTuneDrums recommended but some of the intervals seem close.
  8. Rmgreg

    Centering dw 5000 double bass pedal

    I can't seem to get this pedal's beaters centered. I don't have the issue at all with my iron cobra. Am I missing something?
  9. Rmgreg

    How to avoid steep angle on toms

    I have 4 rack toms mounted on 2 dw tom stands. The 10, 12, 14 and 16 rack toms are 8, 10, 12 and 13.5 inches deep with an 18" floor tom. I'm trying to avoid what the previous owner did with steep angles in toms but having trouble clearing the bass drum. I want to keep the virgin kick...
  10. Rmgreg

    Anyone know what this is?

  11. Rmgreg

    Repairing lacquered shells

    These are closeups of minor surface scratches in the clear coat. Would wiping with lacquer thinner be the best approach to improve? Do you carefully only wipe the scratch with a Q-tip or a larger area to blend?
  12. Rmgreg

    Original Sales Price of 1999 DW Collector's 7 piece

    Does anyone know what 7 piece shell packs sold for back then?
  13. Rmgreg

    Anyone heard of PGL Percussion?

    Can't seem to find anything on this company?
  14. Rmgreg

    Limited edition S.L.P Tama starclassic G-Bubinga drum kit.

    Anyone familiar with these? I was looking for a Birch/Bubinga and stumbled on this. What is the "g"
  15. Rmgreg

    Late 90s DW Collector's opinion

    I stumbled on this complete 7 piece set with double pedal, cymbals and stands. It's a 1 owner 99 model I think with a few minor scratches. Any recommendations on value? I was a little worried about resale with the gold hardware. DW Drums - Collector's Series Maple Mahogany 7-piece Kit - 22"...
  16. Rmgreg

    Ludwig kit ID

    Does anyone have any idea what kit this is? Seller has no clue. He just says it's 1970 and "wood shells". I've attached a badge pic but there is no indication of what series Ludwig. Not sure if this would be an entry level or pro kit? Maple? Any hints would be appreciated. Junk or diamond in...
  17. Rmgreg

    Gretsch shell pack with 14" tom

    Planning on my first acoustic kit and was focused on a new Tama Superstar but have been watching the used market and this Gretsch Renown shell pack popped up for around the same price. BUT it has a 10,12 and only a 14" floor tom and a 22x18 virgin kick. Not sure about that setup for 80s rock...
  18. Rmgreg

    Ludwig Classic Maple

    This popped up available for sale. It's a USA 2010 Ludwig Classic Maple "Zeppelin" Kit with the LM402 supraphonic snare (Sizes are 26x16, 14x10, 16x16, 18X16) I had planned to order a new Tama Superstar Exotix but feel like this is a much higher end set. Any opinions? What's it worth for...
  19. Rmgreg

    Pdp CX Maple vs Concept Maple

    Is the CX Maple just the predecessor to the newer Concept maple? Are they the same level kit? Stumbled on the made in Mexico cx maple and wondering how it compares to the new concept maple.
  20. Rmgreg

    Ludwig Rocker ID

    Does anyone know what year these are from or anything about them ? approximate value with cymbals and hardware? I was planning on buying a new Tama Superstar. I'm wondering how these compare.