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    Sonny Payne is drivin' the bus!

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but some of the youtube accounts have now been deleted. IMO Sonny Payne will always be in the inner circle of big band drummers. He had the complete package: style, chops, showmanship and swing.
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    When a 14" or a 16" or a 18" FT just wont do...

    I just saw this. 4 legs on this monster! ($400 + shipping)
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    COW Dynasonic???

    I have a very good friend who is clearing out his inventory and has offered me this (among other things). I have never seen a Chrome on Wood Dynasonic. He says he special ordered it in the early '70's. I don't recall Rogers making COW anything really. Has anybody seen such an animal? (12x15 btw)
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    Bobby Colomby on Jaco subbing in Blood, Sweat & Tears

    I just came across this. First time I've seen him in an interview.
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    OT: Got my Covid-19 Vaccination last week.

    National Guard took over a large abandoned parking lot in Tampa. Erected 3-4 enormous air conditioned tents. No appointment, but you had to meet the age/profile parameters. Local police wave you in from the road. Volunteers and health officials clear you and direct you to park. They pick you...
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    Bullitt "Shifting Gears" (Movie vs Soundtrack) Earl Palmer, Stan Levey, Larry Bunker

    Here is the original motion picture version that supposedly credits Earl Palmer on Drums and Larry Bunker on Percussion. Mostly steady Hi hat time throughout. Recorded in Burbank, CA September 12-13 & 19, 1968: This is the movie soundtrack album version with Stan Levey on Drums and Larry...
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    Camco hi-hat clutch minutiae

    I'm restoring a model 800 hi-hat and while replacing an incomplete clutch and discovered this: Aside from the different lengths, I'm guessing the one on the left was made on Monday or Friday.
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    Camco model 800 Hi-hat

    As far as anyone knows, did these hi-hats ever come with a tilter screw mechanism for the bottom cymbal? I am restoring one and it is surprisingly spartan with a simple 1.5" cup metal base for the bottom cymbal. On the upside, old vintage cymbals with small holes should easily work on this...
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    George B. Stone drumsticks

    So, I got these decades ago in an antique shop and I was wondering if anybody has access to a Stone catalog and could tell me something about them. Model 22, 16 inches long 1/2" thick, Tip is 1/4" thick. I've never played them as they look too delicate.
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    Always have enough Microphone cord!

    Funny! recording fail - YouTube
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    Ted Reed's Gladstone collection

    I know there isn't a lot known about Ted Reed out there, but I thought everyone should know that he studied with Billy Gladstone for awhile and he was an avid collector of his drums after BG died. I studied with Ted (for about 1.5 years) back in the mid-70's when he had retired from the NY...
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    90's Yamaha RC Floor Tom Bracket failure

    This has happen to us many times and I wonder if anybody else has had the same issue. The Orchestra owns a mid- 90's era Yamaha Recording Custom drum set that gets set up and torn down repeatedly during the season. It is well cared for and is kept in padded Enduro cases when not in use. We have...
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    Any information on this Camco endorser?

    I recently obained this through an Ebay auction. Jimmy Manone apparently played drums for Curtis Lee who was famous for the doo-wop ditty "Pretty little Angel Eyes" among others in the very early 1960's. What's interesting is that Jimmy Manone doesn't show up on any of the Camco catalogs, yet...
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    Your Teacher's Teacher's teacher?

    I've always found it intriguing how styles and influences are handed down from teacher to student. Over a hundred years ago there were stylistic differences of technique and playing based on geographical areas for example a Boston style (Harry Bower) vs a Chicago style (Edward Straight) for...
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    The Camco makes an impression

    So, I'm back to work in the Orchestra and its a lot of smaller ensembles and short concerts this year. This week we are rehearsing for concert featuring a large Brass ensemble with a couple of Percussionists helping out. A drum set was needed, so instead of using the Orchestra's 20+ year old...
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    Removing Remo Logo from Fiberskyn head

    I tried Acetone and it laughed at me. Not even a smudge. I tried Goo Gone......same thing. Finally it came down to 220 grit sand paper, very lightly and working in very small areas. This is what I got for about 10 minutes of labor (Logo was at the top of the pic). It's a little roughed up, but...
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    My Camco Oaklawn BD.....How many plies do you see?

    I have sanded the interior for re-painting because the interior was yellowed and stained from years of exposure to no resonance head in smoky clubs and bars. This is a player's drum that was nested, so these pics are from the batter side. The original owner said he purchased the kit in 1965 from...
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    UV damaged Satin Flame/Moire?

    Is there any way to bring back a 60's Satin Flame/Moire wrap that has been faded by sunlight? I've cleaned with "Scrubbing Bubbles" which lifted dust and dirt pretty well, but the Blue Moire is on the verge of a grayish-white finish. Any comments appreciated. Thanks!
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    Camco Lug Questions....

    I am almost done cleaning and polishing the metal pieces for my Oaklawn kit. I would like to know if anybody can tell me the purpose of the metal strip inside the lugs? (Chroming process related?) Also if anybody knows about when the base of the lugs went from flat (as pictured) to the later...
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    John Poole drum solo 1966

    Anita O'Day's drummer and manager for decades. I've recently come across him and I like what I hear. Solo starts at 3:15.