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    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    Boutique Snare Drums
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    Your drum room

    Here's mine.
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    Singleflammedmill Drum Collection

    My latest kit. Oriollo Bakar Spun Copper 22X14, 13X9, 16X14.
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    Official Tama Drums Thread

    Here's my 1980 Tama Superstar Super Maple. Sizes are 22X14, 13X9, 16X16, 18X16.
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    Vintage Tama Superstar Appreciation Thread

    Here's my 1980 Tama Superstar Super Maple. Sizes are 22X14, 13X9, 16X16, 18X16.
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    New kit just landed

    Congrats Halldor! You have impeccable taste my friend. Superb kit.
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    BREAK OUT THE PICS... Lets see your SOLID 1 ply Snare Drums!

    Technically, Zelkovas have no ply. I posted my pic to showcase my N&C Cherry. The Zelkova has his own unique tone; it's articulate and sharp, but also very warm. It's a great snare and it's Japanese craftsmanship at his best.
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    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    Joyful Noise Legacy Maple 14 X 6.5
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    Noble & Cooley SS love ("Phil Collins" snare)

    Here's my 14X7 N&C Solid Ply Cherry. It has great articulation and a bright and warm tone. Noble and Cooley Solid Ply Cherry Snare Drum 14X7
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    Ayotte love

    Yes, the seller even used one of my pictures.
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    Ayotte love

    Thanks! Sizes are 10X8, 14X14, 18X15. This kit has a controlled, organic, warm and surprisingly dry tone. The look, finish and quality of construction are excellent. The wood hoops make the drum drier, warmer and quieter. It has a great tuning range and sounds good with any heads. The 18x15 bass...
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    Ayotte love

    Here are my former Ayotte kit and snare. I don't miss them, but they were great drums. Ayotte Custom Kit (Deep Plum Maple) Ayotte Custom Maple Snare Drum 14X5.5
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    13 inch snare drums

    I prefer 13" snares as auxiliary snare, but they're perfectly fine as main snare. The 13X6.5 Yamaha Musashi Oak mentioned earlier in this thread offers terrific value for the money. I preferred it to the more expensive Yamaha Steve Jordan and Akira Jimbo Signature snares. Here are my two 13"...
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    Cast/thick metal snare shells in shorter depths

    I prefer 14X6.5 cast snares, but I own a 14X4 Kenner Custom Aluminum that I like very much. It has a dry and neutral tone and a nice crack. It's extremely responsive and has a sharper tone than a Ludwig LM400. I did a comparison with a 14X5 DW Cast Aluminum and I preferred the Kenner by a large...
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    Evans EQ3 vs EMAD Bass drum heads?

    Here's a nice Evans bass drum heads comparison done by Timpano Percussion, one of my local drum shops.
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    Is 8” the new 6.5”?

    I don't think that 8 are the new 6.5, but here are my two 14X8 snare drums Tama Starclassic Bubinga Blue Sparkle Snare Drum 14X8 Yamaha Brass Snare Drum 14X8
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    Only 1 drum set !!!

    This one. Unix Stave Walnut Drums
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    Upper Tier Snares and the Veblen Effect?

    I like the timing of this thread because I took this pic today. Boutique Snare Drums
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    Back after break.. I missed you

    Welcome back!
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    The Tama thread

    Yes, it's the fiber head. Nice kit D4L!