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    Making The Whole Of The Moon - Waterboys

    I made a new drum video:
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    Dire Straits 'Calling Elvis'

    Trying to make videos. Too nervous at the moment, which also reflects in the playing (sadly). Jeff Porcaro was a hero of mine and that was a big factor in my agreeing to play the loooong 'On Every Street' tour - the opportunity to try and emulate his fantastic drumming in front of an audience...
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    Roland TD-17 Owners

    My partner Peter and I are offering three free kits for the TD-17. These are original sample based kits, not previously available for the TD-17.
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    Any Roland TM-6/TM-1 users?

    Today I'm announcing a new expansion pack for the TM-6 Pro. 30 new kit presets using 177 new, all original samples (not in the TM-6 Roland library). Also, a free sample pack for the Roland TM-1. 30 free drum samples - which is the number of samples the TM-1 holds in it's onboard memory...