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    Dunnett floor tom legs and bass spurs

    The only snare strainer I've ever had completely fail on me was a Dunnett. Clunky + failed was not a good combination. Based on that, I tend to avoid their accessories. INDe has been reliable for me.
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    Dunnett floor tom legs and bass spurs
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    I Think I Have A New Stick!

    I'm a big fan of those sticks. I find that the tips get chewed up quicker than other models. But no complaints otherwise!
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    Durability of Gloss Lacquer vs Matte Lacquer (on Canopus Yaiba, and generally)

    Just curious, as I am also considering a purchase... Who are you ordering from? Does Canopus do direct orders?
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    Bird's Eye Views...

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    Roy Beckerman Comments On Every YouTube Video

    Ok I'll admit it... similar thoughts have passed thru my head
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    ***SOLD*** Ludwig 1920s NOB 2-piece 4" x 14" 8 Lug Snare

    Another one I'll sure regret. But I haven't been playing it as much lately, so it needs to go to a better home. I am not an expert on these, so I cannot say which parts are original. Some of the clips appear to be replacements. But I have attached plenty of pictures. Shell is in nice shape. I...
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    Snare wires for 20’s drums

    Puresound Concert 12 strand wires have worked well for me on my 4" x 14" NOB.
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    Tama Starclassic Birch MIJ - Price Reduced!

    Most thumping kick I've ever owned. Miss it. It was perfect for my old band. GLWS
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    How come I'm late to the party???? Gergo Borlai!

    I don't throw around the term "monster" much, but I think it applies here...
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    I finally get it. Caroline ASBA pedal.

    Great Marketer
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    WANTED: Paiste Traditionals, crashes or others

    Did I contribute to this? Hahaha... Hope you are enjoying the ride
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    ***SOLD*** Paiste Traditionals 20" Medium Heavy Ride

    No thanks. I need less gear!
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    ***SOLD*** Istanbul Agop 20" XIST Dry Dark Crash

    Very light weight and trashy. Just not for me. I purchased it new and have played it very little. While taking photos I noticed a small void in the bronze on the bottom side, which probably happened during the manufacturing process. Has not been a problem and is not a crack or any damage I've...
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    ***SOLD*** Paiste 14" Giant Beat Hi-hats

    The 14s don't get as much love as the 15s, but they are really versatile, and I've enjoyed their quick attack. Just need to lighten the load. Structurally in good shape... Smooth edges, round holes, no dents. But you can see a lot of stick marks on the top cymbal. And it appears a prior owner...