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    School me on Lathing

    The 'heavily lathed' cymbal thread got me thinking. Maybe I should post there, but I know things tend to get buried. Anyways - it's my understanding that lathing produces wash. Hammering breaks up the wash and can result in a trashy sound. And unlathed cymbals have mostly ping with very...
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    Ludwig Rocker long lugs

    Anyone know if the long lugs on Rocker drums are 3 pieces or 1 piece? I'm thinking if they're 3 piece, you'd be able to take the middle rod out and cut the toms down to a shallower depth. If they're one solid piece, you're kind of stuck with them.
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    Coating inside of drums

    I'm wondering if there's anything that can be used on the inside of 'soft wood' drums to give them a harder reflecting surface.
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    Ludwig Shells

    Anyone know if Ludwig has always made their own shells for the made in America lines?
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    Bass Drum Bearing Edges

    What would be the result of putting a roundover and a 45 on opposite ends of a bass drum? And which end would get which type for the best result?
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    Ludwig 18x16 "power bass"

    Anyone familiar with these, or know how common they were? I recently bought a used set that has a similar bass drum and tried to do some research on it. Almost nothing about it except for one set I found here...
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    Rogers bass drums

    I've been seeing a lot of people here who really talk up Rogers bass drums, and mention the 20 in particular. Can you clue me in to which bass drum you're referring to? I'm not too up on Rogers - only know that they used to be popular, later had a big R version, I think they disappeared for...
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    Basic Ludwig hardware question

    Can someone tell me what the correct names are for this type of bass drum mount, tom holder, and leg bracket. Also - would those give any indication of what year or time frame the drums are from?
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    General Forum Question about Pictures

    Does anyone know how long 'attached' pictures stay visible? I've been trying to do some Ludwig research. A lot of the posts talk about attached pics which no longer show up. Granted, some of them are from years ago, but I'm wondering if there's a cutoff date for attached pics. I know it's...
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    Zildjian 12" New Beats

    Anyone know how long they've been making these, or if they're new? Saw a set of these today and they're the first ones I've run across. I know they made a set of 12" Special Recording hats, but didn't know that New Beats came in that size also. They're pretty high pitched, given the size, of...
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    About those Amazon deals

    I don't know how accurate their pricing is. Here's just one example. Granted, it's a bass, not drums, but I looked at it under the "70% off" section...