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  1. campbellh

    Engraved Drums FYI
  2. campbellh

    Wanted: Vintage Drum Catalogs

    I've been looking to complete my original Ludwig, Leedy, Slingerland and Wurlitzer catalogs, pre-1960. If you have any for sale/trade or know someone, I am happy to pay a premium and/or finder's fee. I will also buy in bulk to get the ones I want. These are great reference material for my...
  3. campbellh

    ProMark/Stanbridge 50th Anniversary snare, #40/50, with case, tools, sticks, COA

    ProMark/Stanbridge 50th Anniversary snare, #40/50, with case, tools, sticks, COA: drum mint other than a few marks on the head Free shipping to DFO'ers within the continental USA
  4. campbellh

    Custom Rare Pork Pie Limited Edition, 6 X 13" Heavy Brass Snare (2001) Will ship free to DFO members within the continental USA.
  5. campbellh

    Leedy Catalog "T" 1933 for sale
  6. campbellh

    Leedy Catalog “S” 1930
  7. campbellh

    NAMM 2017 pics (Parts 1 &2) Bob
  8. campbellh

    1935-1936 Ludwig Silver Anniversary 5x14 Engraved Black Beauty, Super Ludwig model
  9. campbellh

    Lang/Gladstone walnut single ply, gold-plated HW
  10. campbellh

    Late 1920s/early 1930s engraved Ludwig Black Beauty
  11. campbellh

    1929-30 Ludwig Ralph Smith outfit
  12. campbellh

    Circa 1930 Ludwig 4x14" brass mystery silver flake snare drum (NSMD)
  13. campbellh

    1927 Gold-trimmed unengraved Ludwig De Luxe
  14. campbellh

    Why I've kept a Pork Pie snare drum for 14yrs...kudos to Bill Detamore
  15. campbellh

    For the drum geeks: the building of a Stanbridge, Todd Sucherman Empyrean signature snare
  16. campbellh

    2015 Chicago Drum Show pics Pt. 2 (200+ pics!)

    I just posted these on the Not So Modern Drummer WWW site:
  17. campbellh

    2015 Chicago Drum Show Pt. 1 (clinics, master class, round table)
  18. campbellh

    The life & times of master craftsman, Johnny Craviotto
  19. campbellh

    Circa 1928 Super-Ludwig (NSMD article) Another story about a drum from my collection...hope you like.
  20. campbellh

    1990 Zildjian/Noble & Cooley snare drum (NSMD)