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  1. Drum_Behm

    Solid Drums Switzerland - Short Movie I Made

    Hello everybody, I had the chance to visit Solid Drums in Switzerland lately. We made this movie during my two-day visit: Btw: Christoph will also be at NAMM 2020.
  2. Drum_Behm

    Need help learning comping with brushes

    Thanks, glad you like it. There are six videos of this production, maybe the second one "Ballads" is also interesting. For Guido, the drummer, it was very important, to show all brush-styles in a musical setting together with the organ player André.
  3. Drum_Behm

    Need help learning comping with brushes

    Hi Pibroch, maybe this video gives you some inspiration (language is german). I shot it last year in Munich.
  4. Drum_Behm

    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    I love my RBH Prestige Cherry, steam bent shell. Bruce Hagwood is a real master. Also my all time favorite is this Rogers Luxor 1965 (second pic on the left) with six lugs und NOB Hoops. You can here both drums in this video:
  5. Drum_Behm

    Spruce Drum Shells?

    Hi everybody, I did a video with a spruce stave snare. Soft wood, but fat and versatile sound. Also not so much attack, as stave snares from harder woods.
  6. Drum_Behm

    My website finally up and running. yay!

    Same here. Clear Content & nice Pictures.
  7. Drum_Behm

    Metal Snare Comparison Videos

    Sorry for hitchhiking your thread again. ;-)
  8. Drum_Behm

    Metal Snare Comparison Videos

    Hey DFO Community, i did a new video this month, incl. four of my personal favorite snaredrums. 6,5x14 AK Copper Standard 6,5x14 LM402 5x14 LM404 6x14 Tempest Koa/Maple &feature=player_embedded
  9. Drum_Behm

    More than ten snare drums?

    Only 6 at this point. 2 metal, 2 wood, 2 fiberglass Nice Thread. :happy11:
  10. Drum_Behm

    Metal Snare Comparison Videos

    hi Chris, well i was afraid you'd say something like that! however, i would suggest another test without the bass and close snare mic. and nothing getting inbetween the overheads and snare. set them up to record only the snare, not the entire kit. in fact, it would be best if there are...
  11. Drum_Behm

    Metal Snare Comparison Videos

    Hi Mark, the Wahan is a 0,8mm thin shell, this one had one of the widest tuning ranges. The Dunnett is also a thin shell, but the whole drum is a bit heavier in weight. It sounded to my ears, like it has a kind of "natural" compressor. Awesome drum. Don't know, why Dunnett doesn't build them...
  12. Drum_Behm

    Metal Snare Comparison Videos

    Hi pete, the sound you're hearing comes mostly from a pair of Oktava MK 012 overheads, placed behind the kit. I used the sm57 on the snare (and a beta52 inside the kick drum) just a little to support the overheads. Cheers Chris
  13. Ludwig Club Date

    Ludwig Club Date

    My vintage Ludwig Clubdate. 1964/1965
  14. Tempest 5ply Maple Snare

    Tempest 5ply Maple Snare

    My 5ply Maple Snare build by tempest handmade drums from germany.
  15. Drum_Behm

    Metal Snare Comparison Videos

    Hi Everybody, here's the third one. Thanks for all comments and thanks to Chunkaway for sharing. Cheers Chris