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    OT - Music Streaming Services

    Tidal HiFi for audio quality. Spotify for automatically creating beautiful playlists based on what you’ve been listening to. (And Bandcamp for streaming free samples - often whole albums - of wonderful and often relatively unknown, idiosyncratic, extremely experimental, exploratory and creative...
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    Looking for a low punchy snare sound for playing at home

    In my experience drums 14" or more in diameter and 5" or less in depth give tidier, punchier sounds when tuned low, especially for the drummer.
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    Long board vs normal

    A real longboard pedal, (well not a proper longboard): Just add a skateboard wheel beater for aesthetic completion: Bonzoholic was on the right track.
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    Long board vs normal

    How have you found the 9k hi hat with the mcd pedals? For me it‘s way more responsive and precise than the mdd.
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    Didn't expect this from my girlfriend-buy more!

    Mine told me with a big smile “Buy whatever snare drums you want”. Only problem was she was just coming out of general anaesthetic at the time and now can’t remember saying it. Claims I was taking advantage of her!
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    What's your absolute favorite song?

    If I had to pick now it would be a recording of a cycle of songs called “Ancient Voices of Children” written by George Crumb and set to texts by Frederico Garcia Lorca:
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    Bottom hi-hat cymbal as a Ride?

    Australian jazz drumming legend Ted Vining is not averse to riding simple patterns from underneath on his bottom hat (in the open position of course) - it’s just part of his sonic palette: for those unaware, Ted is an artistic genius at painting with sound with great finesse, his entire kit...
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    Any ideas for soft rock brush work with solid backbeat?

    T Thanks for the encouraging words and sharing your findings. Will definitely keep you informed of progress and discoveries.
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    Any ideas for soft rock brush work with solid backbeat?

    Thanks for the great suggestion - will start recording all our gigs with my Zoom H2n.
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    Any ideas for soft rock brush work with solid backbeat?

    Looks interesting - thanks - am in the process of ordering a pair as well as a pair of “Dream Catchers” by Headhunters Drumsticks to try.
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    Any ideas for soft rock brush work with solid backbeat?

    I know. But the lead guitarist is the official band leader and the singer‘s wishes are also deferred to as he is the main creative force in the band as well as the main audience attraction: none of us want to lose him to another band with superior musicians which is a continual fear even of the...
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    Any ideas for soft rock brush work with solid backbeat?

    Thanks JDA. Even though I’ve grown to love my foray into the world of brushes I may need to experiment with your idea of mixing the two. Perhaps with a lot of cross stick in the mix of techniques? Actually your suggestion may be great as, since going mainly brushes recently I’ve been really...
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    Any ideas for soft rock brush work with solid backbeat?

    Found the following lesson by Stewart Jean which has been very useful: But, looking for more ideas to help me develop my own templates for improvised patterns. Background: 1. The covers band I’m in plays everything...
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    China for quiet riding - suggestions?

    Thanks - found a DCP demo vid of a 602 ME 22" - scrumptious!
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    Who else is using 13" hi-hats?

    Agop Mel Lewis here - great for quiet subtle 1/2 open accents on low volume small room gigs.
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    China for quiet riding - suggestions?

    What should I audition for quiet jazz and soft pop / rock? Obviously thinking along the lines of something even sounding and controllable - maybe a 14” Paiste of some sort?
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    Foot splash / foot chick ostinatos - hi hat stand recommendations.

    Ended up getting a DW 9500 XF, after deciding I wanted a heavy 3 leg stand with a floating top hat action. Compared it with the DW MDD: the eccentric cam of the 9500 won the day - much faster action than the MDD. Removed the toe/chain guard and my shoes, making the footboard long enough to do...
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    Practice Drums Alone or Only With a Band?

    It all depends on: 1.whether I’m physically fit AND 2. have already pushed myself physically with weights and aerobics earlier in the day. If both apply I can settle down and concentrate for hours of highly enjoyable individual practice (on and off for the rest of the day - I have no day job...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Blues Fuckers - written by the drummer Marco Minnemann:
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    What Are You Listening To?