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  1. Tymp2002

    Do many Pros/Semi-Pros use E-drums ?

    E-drums make the perfect practice set! There is definitely a "feel" difference, so I recommend trying out a few to find the one for you. Some things to keep in mind: e-drums tend to be smaller than acoustic kits and this is an advantage if space is a premium. But to get a more "acoustic" feel...
  2. Tymp2002

    Looking for Software for Drum Notation and Transcription

    For notation, I've had good luck with iWriteMusic. I have it for iPad - not sure if there is an android or PC version. It has some drum notation features like X noteheads. You can also write 4 parts per staff so it allows you to line up parts like bass drum and cymbals. It's also a lot less...
  3. Tymp2002

    Traditional grip

    WOW! Sweet. Thanks for sharing Rich, I learned something new. CB is truely one of the greats no doubt. In a couple of his later videos, during solos, he seems to slip into traditional grip for double strokes for a short time, then back to matched for most of the solo. -Tymp
  4. Tymp2002

    Traditional grip

    Can you cite your source on this please? This is interesting - just curious. I love BC. I've never seen pic's where Cobham is using traditional grip at all - much less in the right hand.
  5. Tymp2002

    Any Roland TM-6/TM-1 users?

    Correction: using the TM-2!
  6. Tymp2002

    Any Roland TM-6/TM-1 users?

    I absolutely love my TM-1! Adding kick and snare layers to my acoustic kit. Also using them for sound reinforcement. I have one overhead condenser mic for cymbals and toms. I've been doing this before Yamaha came out with EAD. If I add another overhead condenser; and run some effects on my...
  7. Tymp2002

    Traditional grip

    All are good points, except the one that jazz drummers using traditional grip are better drummers than rock drummers using matched grip - a point I did NOT make. Bottom line: this can be an emotional topic since many of us have already made up our minds and have invested in one of the grips...
  8. Tymp2002

    Traditional grip

    Multijd, are you always so condescending when you reply? You forgot Animal. NONE compares to Animal! :) Let's just say we disagree - and agree to disagree. This is an emotional topic and an emotional choice. It's NOT a technical choice - which gets to the answer of the original question. Do you...
  9. Tymp2002

    Traditional grip

    Oh, and one more...
  10. Tymp2002

    Traditional grip

    No point to continue - there were/are many matched grip players too. Here's just 10 (file attachment limit):
  11. Tymp2002

    Roland V Drum add ons / expansion pieces - pads, cymbals, modules

    Nevermind - I spoke before zooming in...
  12. Tymp2002

    Roland V Drum add ons / expansion pieces - pads, cymbals, modules

    The pic is showing TD-30 sound modules. How much are you asking for those?
  13. Tymp2002

    Tama Superstar Maple 4pc kit 10/12/16/22

    Still selling these? What about the matching SN?
  14. Tymp2002

    Should I find a new teacher?

    Move on and find another teacher - you are advancing and are not getting the instruction you want. What to look for in a teacher: Find a drum teacher - you will learn much more about drumming. Teaching chops are not the same as drumming chops - great drummers don't necessarily make great...
  15. Tymp2002

    anyone played w/ an Alesis Strike Multipad?

    I’ve had the Alesis Strike Multipad for a few months now and so far so good. No crosstalk issues. No other issues. Has lots more sound samples than SPD or Yamaha. Lights are not only cool but very functional. Alesia seems to be trying to improve quality with its Strike line of electronics...
  16. Tymp2002

    Ludwig Maple/Birch Shell Packs

    Just in case PM is still wacky - where in the south are you? I'm interested in all of them.
  17. Tymp2002

    Traditional grip

    Even though my statements are using the drum kit as context, these pictures prove my point - the use of ancient rope drums with no modern levelers is honoring tradition, as is the use of traditional grip. Many drum corps snare drum lines switched over from matched grip to traditional grip to...
  18. Tymp2002

    Hardware weights spreadsheet

    Makes me wonder if a drum's weight would be useful. Recently, I picked up an entry-level, new drum made by one of the major drum manufacturers - and wow it was really light weight. Not a good kind of light weight - but a cheap-feeling light weight. I guess that's good for schlepping gear in and...