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  1. AaronLatos


    User "joeming" has been sending me cut-copy-paste scam emails in response to wanted ads. A quick search shows that the same username and same email address have been used on a couple other forums for the same purpose (vintage Chevy club for one). It's getting annoying. Some mod wanna block them?
  2. AaronLatos

    Gretsch SSB #2 ('79-80ish)

    So here's the deal. Putting out a feeler... The badge is on a drum that I'm refinishing in a month or two to match some RBs, and the thought crossed my mind to see if anyone really needs the badge (the drum is already a super player with a bunch of holes and is about to get refinished, so to...
  3. AaronLatos

    Maple tom scrap or cutoff for patching holes (keller, gretsch)

    Send me your tired, your poor, your shattered drum shells, yearing to groove freely... Need a small piece of a tom shell for patching holes in a 10" Gretsch mounted tom. I need to be able to get ONE 1.25" diameter circle and SEVEN .25" plugs out of it. Past that, I don't care. Can be a little...
  4. AaronLatos

    WTB: Gretsch parts, Sonor 10" tom

    EDIT: Found a bunch of stuff, deleted it from listing. Looking for the following Gretsch parts: 14" diecast hoops, batter and snare side (doesn't have to be specifically Gretsch, but no "drop-gate" snare sides... this is going on an 8x14 and it'll be tight fitting in my cases as-is! :) )...
  5. AaronLatos

    2-leg flatbase hihat (Camco or similar)

    Someone borrowed, and subsequently damaged, my 2-leg Camco hihat stand. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say. Unfortunately, this hihat stand is the only one I've found that fits well with one of the setups that I have now... and I need a replacement for gigs and a record ASAP. None of...
  6. AaronLatos

    OTish: making my first jazz record as a bandleader

    Yep. Finally doing it. Have played full time since I got out of college, done a bunch of other people's records, but... yeah, it's time to do the bandleader thing and do something a little different. Following from a FB post earlier today: ------------------------- Friends, dreams still...
  7. AaronLatos

    5x Ddrum RedShot triggers. $55 shipped.

    The four tom / snare triggers are all brand new, never used as far as I know. The bass drum trigger needs a new transducer ($6.99 online). I put it on a drum for fifteen minutes to verify this. $55 for the whole set, shipped in the lower 48.
  8. AaronLatos

    New drum hauler time! Anyone with a Chevy Volt, Ioniq Plug-in, or Prius Prime?

    Narrowed it down to these three. Would love to see if anyone has hands-on experience stuffing drums into any of these.
  9. AaronLatos

    Rogers muffler hole pattern?

    Anyone know the correct hole pattern (distance from top edge and then spacing) for a standard issue 60s/70s Rogers muffler off the top of their head?
  10. AaronLatos

    Have: 6.5" Ludwig Hammered Bronze. Seeking: 2-piece Ludwig, or heavy cast snare

    I've got a 6.5x14" Ludwig Hammered Bronze. It's a player: has a fair share of scratches. It's drilled for both a P85 and Supersensitive throws: currently has a P85 but would be easy to turn it back into a Super. Sounds GREAT: I think I've played it in every US state except Delaware or Hawaii...
  11. AaronLatos

    Ludwig snares with "large" classic lugs?

    Were there any Ludwig snare models with large classic (floor tom, etc) lugs? I've got a line on a nice 8x14 shell and a box of parts, and wondering how that would look/if it would work...
  12. AaronLatos

    Source for metal concert tom "trim rings"

    Looking for a source for material to use as a "trim ring" for concert toms. I already have a bunch of the current thick black rubber that Pearl, Yamaha etc use on marching tenors, but I'd like to find something chrome/aluminum/stainless looking (open to something plastic as long as the look is...
  13. AaronLatos

    Pearl Fiberglass bass drum

    Putting out a feeler for a player-grade drum. Not interested in wood-fiberglass, just the old yellowish all fiberglass. Located in upstate NY.
  14. AaronLatos

    Photos of stripped Pearl Fiberglass?

    Anyone here have decent photos of a Pearl All-Fiberglass that's been stripped? I've got a large set that's mostly been very poorly rewrapped (tape method that's super loose) with one non-matching, original drum. Getting ready to take them on the road and wanted to make them match, and know...
  15. AaronLatos

    OTish: roof rack or hitch platform transporting gear?

    Anyone have experience using a roof rack or hitch platform to transport gear in an otherwise small vehicle? I know the Elvin story (had his 20 or 22 bass in a fiber case on a roof rack because it wouldn't fit in the trunk, hit the breaks to avoid a deer on a country road, and watched his kick...
  16. AaronLatos

    15" 8-lug nickel plated hoop

    Stretch but figured it's worth a shot. Need a triple flanged or diecast. Already have a stick chopper but want to try something with a little more knock.
  17. AaronLatos

    Duplex score! 15x 4 NOB/wood "Perforated" snare

    Scored an awesome Duplex yesterday. It's dirty but complete. Other than heads and possibly wires, it's all there, and all original. Patent date of 1883 on the badge, but it seems like this model was manufactured into the teens and maybe even twenties? No dings no dents, solid as they come, to...
  18. AaronLatos

    Thread got moved to "sold"?

    A for sale post I had got moved to "sold" accidentally by a mod. Item is not sold. Could someone bump it back over to "for sale," please?
  19. AaronLatos

    $350 shipped! 5x14 Ludwig Bronze Supraphonic w/ Tubes

    This is a total "lifetime" drum... I've just got too many of those, and am getting rid of stuff that's functionally duplicate for me. The bronze Supras are the closest to 20s heavy brass 2-piece NOB/"Black Beauty" type shells I've heard (and I own two 20s 2-piece heavy brass drums, hence the...
  20. AaronLatos

    SOLD $2600! Camco: Oaklawn, Burgundy Sparkle 12/15/20, 5x14, 2nd 12"

    If you've been on the forum for a while, you've probably seen this kit. I've owned these for 9 years. When I lived in NYC, these were the perfect "keep by the door in cases" kit: with these sizes, huge tuning range, great tone, and great looks, they would fit for any gig. This is a serious...