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  1. trappemann

    Weekend Rogers Find

    First- Sonic BOOOM! No idea what the deal was, but they are always wonderful drums and WHAT A FIND!!!!!!! I have had a few of those kits Black Onyx with 2 14" FT! Blue Onyx Silver Glitter Gold Glitter All with correct matching original Floor Toms Sweetest sounding drums made by anyone...
  2. trappemann

    Love to Bun

  3. trappemann

    Love to Bun

    I have been listening to Cheap Trick since I was 16, when they first hit the magazines. First bought "In Color" then the "Cheap Trick" then "Heaven Tonight" and "Dream Police", etc. If you have not listened to the first record "Cheap Trick" you really should. It is the wellspring. You...
  4. trappemann

    WTB: Rogers Sparkle TOWER Bass Drum

    If you do Tangerine, it would be a great St. Patty's day kit!
  5. trappemann

    18" Rogers Bass Drum - Wanted

    What finish do you need?
  6. trappemann

    22" Paiste Twenty ride (raw bell)

    I have one that I bought new. Really haven't played it at all. Nice cymbal! I can dig it out. Not looking for trades. What is your price range? Thanks Sean
  7. trappemann

    Just got back from the worst concert in my life !

    My wife saw Christopher Cross when he was new and said he stunk the place up! I was a big Robert Cray fan. His sound is always great as is his playing. He got political one night in my hometown. Good Bye Robert! best quote from this thread... "Meatloaf however would vocally divebomb past...
  8. trappemann

    RIP Hal Blaine

    Sad day for sure. Pretty sure Hal was actually the most recorded drummer of all time. Think of some of the beats and/or fills that you play routinely. Many/most were derived from this Giant's body of work. Where do you even start? RIP Pocket Daddy!
  9. trappemann

    Older Tama Swingstar?

    Just saw this and sent you a pm....then I realized I want that display too!!! Bad to the bone! Did you do the image?
  10. trappemann

    Simple question. What is this bracket on my snare for?

    OMG!! Like the guy with the clock!!??!!??!!
  11. trappemann

    OT: Losing my dad.

    Kevin, He sounds like he was amazing man and Dad! I lost my Dad 14 years ago. He is with me every day, and I know that your Dad is with you as well. As he always has been. I always take comfort in the fact that I got to be the son of the coolest guy I knew. Sounds like you were too! I...
  12. trappemann

    Slingerland red tiger

    I have a bass drum I would like toms for...
  13. trappemann

    Older Tama Swingstar?

    If your Bass drum is a 22 and you don't want the metal hoops, please let me know. I need a set for a rebuild I am doing. I love MIJ swingstars. Yes they are heavy. I think the bass drums are more like 12 ply!!!
  14. trappemann

    Delaware Drum Show

    Thanks Bob!!
  15. trappemann

    Delaware Drum Show

    Does anyone here have the organizer's contact info? I need to contact them. Muchas Gracias!
  16. trappemann

    Delaware Drum Show

    I went. Much bigger than the last DE show I attended. Got to see many folks I seldom see: Bernard Purdie- a first time meeting for me. What a nice man, and great talent! Keith Larsen, the most gracious guy in the Biz! Thanks for the hang!! Bop Daddy Bill Gentry Rick Fleischmann- Hell yeah...
  17. trappemann

    Gig Bag: Watcha Using?

    Plano Golf Guard Travel Case IT HAS WHEELS!!!!!!!!! Holds Stands in preset positions, mic stands for my vocal mic and my kick, all other hardware including roc-n-soc, kick pedal etc. Open, set stands in place, set pedals, add cymbals and play. What a gear and time saver. Worth the $60.00...
  18. trappemann

    Rogers XP8 bop kit I sold last week

    Neat kit. Kind of a RogRod thing. Sad story. I have a (actual sibling) brother who has bought stuff on the cheap from me several times. I always find out that he had it sold before he ever bought it from me. Siblings! So I no longer sell him anything, at all. Keeps the peace. But in...
  19. trappemann

    Delaware Drum Show

    When and where is it? Thanks Sean
  20. trappemann

    Your Latest Purchases

    16x18 MIJ Swingstar in Black. It is the quiet gig bass drum. I have 10,12,13,14, 16 toms, so I can do any combo. 18, 10, 13 is sounding great!