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  1. drawtheline55

    Q Drums!

    Thanks, Ben
  2. drawtheline55

    Q Drums!

    How much are they ?
  3. drawtheline55

    Canopus RFM kit w NV60 snare

    Great drums !
  4. drawtheline55

    Interview with Dave Clark of the Dave Clark 5

    Great band, lots o hits. I think one of the 1st bands with keyboards, do believe they had the most appearances on Ed Sullivan.
  5. drawtheline55

    O.T. (kinda): Another dumb list, but by me! Top Ten Beatles Songs.

    I know, of all the songs he could play....Beatles...Wings...Solo...and he picks that one, great.
  6. drawtheline55

    O.T. (kinda): Another dumb list, but by me! Top Ten Beatles Songs.

    Ouch thats a tough one, I was watching that night in Feb 1964......I do have an all time favorite Beatles song. "Things we said Today" Saw Mr. Mccartney in 1990....and they played it.....I was frozen in time. "Hard Days Night" is right up there. The White Album is my favorite overall...
  7. drawtheline55

    10 years at

    10 yrs, congrats.......I am on yr 9. Ben
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    New member erroring when signing in?

    Hi what is his username. Ben
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    Let's hear it for Louie Bellson

    Had the pleasure of seeing him live in Boston, then meeting him after the show, very receptive and just plain nice. What a talent.
  10. drawtheline55

    OT Robert Conrad passes on

    But can you do this....
  11. drawtheline55

    OT Robert Conrad passes on

    Sad news, Robert Conrad has passed on, Wild,Wild, West always one of my favorite shows of the 60s RIP.....Mr. West.
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    I will check it out, looks interesting, at least it is football.
  13. drawtheline55

    Bob Crane on drums

    Very good drummer, very good band....quite musical.
  14. drawtheline55

    Old Guy G.A.S. Rx - Abs Hybrid Maple

    Congrats on a fine set o drums. I have multiple sets of drums from various brands including a live Custom set and Recording Custom. I 100% enjoy all the kits BUT if I were going to the audition of my life......I would bring the Yamahas.
  15. drawtheline55

    Where is the Annual Super Bowl Halftime Show Thread?

    Just a lot of shaking and bending.
  16. drawtheline55

    How bout those Chiefs !!!!!!!

    Solid game, nice comeback win...Chiefs could be the next dynasty....back to back AFC championship games and now a Super Bowl victory. Hooray for the old AFL.
  17. drawtheline55

    Sonor SQ1 - First Month of Ownership

    Dang ! nice kit.
  18. drawtheline55

    Drummers With Multiple Kits: Ever an Issue With Family / Friends?

    Yes show her Bandits room, that will silence her. Seriously it sounds like you have tried to be nice and it hasn't worked. Maybe it is time to get a little tough, and point out how many things she has that she doesnt "need" multiple purses, jewelry, shoes etc. Show her how hypocritical she is...
  19. drawtheline55

    OT: 34 years ago, this morning......

    Yes, I was watching it live at work, thanks for remembering.