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  1. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday


    My cymbal bag's seen better days and the zipper on my Vater stick bag's broken. Looking at the Tackle 22" backpack thing and their stick roll. Anyone have this stuff? Good, bad, ugly?
  2. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    Slight OT: Bedroom recording for covers, self-critique, etc

    I was able to take advantage of Zildjians Audio Technica rebate last year and today my pair of Audio Technica AT2020 condensers will be delivered. I've been recording these things so far by just using a Blue Snowball USB mic straight into Garage Band. Now having received a pair of free...
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    All things to all men or just be you

    Lately I'm having a bit of a crisis of confidence with my drumming. Although I've studied and actively played for 26 years now, only about 3 years of that was with a band creating original music. Even during that time, that band was only one of 3 or 4 groups I was playing regularly with...
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    Black Beauty lug/tension rod binding

    I've got a 6.5x14 Black Beauty, recent production that I got from a member here a couple years back. I went to change heads recently and found that one of the lugs (it's just one, on the batter side) binds on the tension rod a bit. It's just enough that you can't spin the rod with your...
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    Pearl 14" FFX Marching Snare

    New White Max Kevlar batter head and Hazy Ambassador snare side head. All guts present and in good shape. Includes Randall May carrier bracket. No snare guards (were gone when I got it). $150 + shipping CONUS or FTF around Atlanta, GA
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    I think this is it! Cons and a Cluster

    I received my 20" Cluster Crash Saturday. I think it's everything I hoped it would be. Sounds great from behind the kit and on "tape" as well. I also flipped the kit back around in my office space. A little more crowded in the room, but everything sounds better not facing the wall. Just a...
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    18" Crash to match K Cons for low volume situations

    Like the title says, I'm looking for an 18" crash to pair with a 20" K Con Ren and 22" K Con Medium Thin Low. Both rides are "crashable" but for lower volume (singer-songwriter, coffeehouse, small room, etc) stuff I'd like to have an 18" that I can get a crash sound out of at lower volumes...
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    DW 14x20 bass drum

    I've posted here before about bemoaning the fact that my DW Collector's kit has an 18x22 kick and wanting a 14x20. Last time I checked, getting a new 14x20 Collectors drum was $1,200. I see this one on Reverb. The question I have is about having it re-wrapped. Would I run into head fit...
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    Slight OT: Piano Trio Jazz

    I certainly like Miles and Coltrane. Blakey and Brubeck are regulars for me as well. I'll sometimes even get a wild hair and listen to some big band. However, my absolute favorite kind of jazz to listen to and to play is the soft, lounge, piano trio style. The problem is, I don't know what I...
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    Alter Bridge - "Before Tomorrow Comes" Playalong DW Collectors and Keropes

    Decided to record and little play through to one of my favorite tunes tonight. Nothing special, no practice, no re-takes. Just hit record and go. Appreciate and open to any and all feedback. Thanks!
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    SOLD 19" Kerope 1520 gr - $250

    Great cymbal. Was my "1 cymbal gig" cymbal. Works great for small rooms and low to medium volume stuff. Great condition. Some slight logo wear on the bottom. Was like that when I got it. Stick in the vid is a VF SD4 Combo Maple. Looking for $250 net to me. Paypal fees and shipping on the...
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    K Custom Darks - are these duds or are my ears broken?

    I don't mean K Custom Darks in general are duds, but these specific cymbals. I've had and also heard and played others that were great. To me, these were just terribly hard, glassy, bright, etc. Not smooth, not dark, not mellow. They'd make decent A's, but certainly not worth K Custom Dark...
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    Kinda Urgent Cymbal Advice needed please

    In my other thread I posted about pairing the 20” and 22” Zildjian K Custom Dark Rides. I ordered one of each from Sweetwater and they arrived Sunday, but I didn’t get a chance to play them until yesterday evening. Even though the weights should be favorable, I‘m finding them to be “ok” but...
  14. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    20 and 22 K Custom Dark Rides - anyone paired them?

    I've had a 20" K Custom Dark Ride since college when I bought my first "good" cymbals. My first one was stolen and I cracked the second one a few years back in a less-than-ideal environment. I still have and play the cracked one (with 3 rivets now added to it). I think I may be just about...
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    SOLD 24" Kerope 3168gr $375 - new pics and vid up

    I've had this in Swap Shop for awhile and decided to just go ahead and list it for sale. $375 + actual shipping (probably around $30 due to size) to your CONUS zip. 24" Kerope, 3168 grams. Nice, good stick, crashable, but doesn’t wash our from under you.
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    24 Kerope vs 22 K Con MTL

    I know cymbal sound is pretty subjective. Hopefully this question can solicit some logistical feedback. My current cymbal setup is a 24 Kerope, 19 Kerope, 14" matched weight (800gr) 60's Avedis hats, and a 20" KCDR, cracked and riveted. Stylistically it's whatever I get called for, but not...
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    Recording play-along tempo problem

    I'm trying to record myself playing along to some tunes, mostly just for posterity sake; maybe for audition material, etc. I'm simply using a USB Blue Snowball to pick up the kit and then pulling the track from iTunes into Garageband. The problem is, the tracks somehow change tempo/length. In...
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    Super dry tambourine in place of a shaker

    I play pretty much all Praise and Worship stuff these days (Pat Barrett, Housefires, Bethel, Jesus Culture, etc). I've been doing it since the mid-late 90's through the djembe revolution, etc and so I still tend to use a lot of aux percussion (shaker, tambourine, etc) in my playing. Lately...
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    Otis - "Let Me Come On Home" What gives with the tambourine?

    Who mixed this? Why is the tambourine so loud. Seems like it was almost an afterthought to the track. Is it because It was Otis Playing it and so it's coming through his vocal mic that it sits so high in the track? Definitely overrides the rhythm section. Thoughts or input?
  20. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    Trad grip and swagger?

    Maybe this is dumb, but we're here to talk drums and playing anyway aren't we? So here goes: For the last year solid I've done my best to play exclusively with traditional grip. Why? I think it looks cool. To me it has a bit of swagger about it. For instance, when I see Gadd, Weckl, Jordan...