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  1. Rotarded

    Is this a unicorn?

    A little help here?
  2. Rotarded

    1940's Ludwig & Ludwig Deluxe Standard refresh

    I recently aquired a 1941 Ludwig & Ludwig Standard and I'm looking for advice. Yes, the shell has been refinished. There is a debate whether the hardware is Art Gold, or the nickel has been stripped that hasn't been settled as of yet. I am looking for recommendations on cleaning the hardware...
  3. Rotarded

    A sign of the times

    I think this may be more common moving forward. I'm rethinking my mic cases, as they are handgun cases.
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    The search is over....

    I always wanted to add a Jazz Festival to the aresenal, and the opportunity came I couldn't pass up. Thanks to Columbus Pro Percussion for a smoking deal on a BDP Trans Badge Jazzfest i just couldn't let pass. It was dirty, but 100% original except heads, no fade on the wrap whatsoever. A few...
  5. Rotarded

    Corky Laing Hayman drumstick

    Found this in my drum lumber pile today. Thought it might be interesting.
  6. Rotarded

    Thift Stores. Sometimes you just get lucky.

    Blue tags were 75% off today.......
  7. Rotarded

    Repurposing a Rack...

    After seeing quite of bit of division, on this and other forums, as to the use of a drum rack, I decided to repurpose a rack that I've had sitting in the corner gathering dust for quite a while. I simply bought a rectangular piece of tempered table glass on craigslist for $20, mounted $16 in no...
  8. Rotarded

    Yup, identify snare thread

    A bit confused and contrite, but what is this? Serial dates to 76? Classic throw?
  9. Rotarded

    WTB: 1964 Ludwig BDP 16" floor tom

    In search of a 1964 16" floor Tom in black diamond pearl. Prefer minimal to no fade, no extra holes, all original, cob rims. Will consider pre-serial or Trans badge 16" floor or 13" tom in same condition. I do have some trade options. Planning to attend Chicago show in May.
  10. Rotarded

    20x18 Slingerland Niles floor tom shell

    Ok Guys, I'm not a Slingy guy so I could use some insight. I picked up a 20x18 Niles badged tom with a pile of other drum parts. The chrome wrap was so rusted it looked like wood in the pictures. The hardware is pitted badly enough that I'm sure it's relatively useless.The top hoop (the only one...
  11. Rotarded

    1973 Ludwig What have I found?

    I snagged this one from another Craigslist pile of junk. It's a 10x15 3ply. Cannot find it in any catalog but it's fairly obvious its a school band drum. What's unusual is that the label is on the outside and hasn't been pulled off by a student in it's 42 year life. Anyone recognize this? Any...
  12. Rotarded

    Camco Oaklawn 14x14 rescue

    I saw a post on the local CL for drums and I clicked on the ad. in the pile of crap i noticed this jewel and immediately drove 2.5 hours round trip to rescue this drum. It is all original with no extra holes. No rims, tension rods,and missing 2 leg mounts and all 3 legs, but the wrap is...
  13. Rotarded

    Bowtie Lug help!

    I recently found a trans badge Auditorium shell with both nickel hoops and ONE lug, all nickel finish. I found online, and purchased, a lot of bowtie lugs which I received yesterday. Upon inspection I found that the lugs were slightly different than the lug I already had. They have narrower and...
  14. Rotarded

    Ludwig Transition Badge Auditorium Snare

    I picked up what I believe to be an Auditorium snare shell and rims. Its 6.5x14, 8 lug mahogany 3ply with NOB rims, and unfortunately only one original Nickel Bowtie lug, and no throw off or butt. The bearing edges are absolutely perfect. No modifications or extra holes whatsoever. No date...
  15. Rotarded

    6.5 x14 10 lug Acrolite w/Imperial lugs?

    I have been offered this Acro but it seems to be a bit of an enigma. The serial number puts it around early 1978. Can anyone enlighten me?
  16. Rotarded

    Ludwig Stainless/Chrome snare with twin beads?

    Saw this snare in a CL ad for a Rogers 360 kit. Twin inverted beads? I cant make out the p-85 holes (I think it has 2), nor does it show a badge, to get a date on it. It doesn't look like any marching snare I've seen. Anyone have a clue what it is?
  17. Rotarded

    Ludwig Mach 4 3ply w/Supersensative on CL

    Early Blue Silk Mach 4 3ply maple/poplar/maple on local CL. Has extra matching tom and dual mounts for consolette. I've seen this kit in person and it is in nice shape. This is not my kit, nor am I affiliated with the owner. Wife refuses to let me buy another set ( I have 3) so I thought I'd...