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  1. 1966bmx

    All items found mods please delete . Thank you

    I am looking to buy a Slingerland 4 bolt rail consolette , 16 3ply bass drum lugs , 60s claws with 60s T rods , and spurs from a 3 ply drum . LMK what you might have . Willing to buy a messed up bass drum to rob the parts from too I just missed one with a cracked shell
  2. 1966bmx

    FOUND Looking for a 8x12 and 14x14 Slingerland 3 ply toms

    Found thank you ! Please delete
  3. 1966bmx

    Oyster Blue Pearl Ludwig set with 12x16 bass drum from Reverb

    Does anyone remember that set that was on Reverb a while back ? Maybe 1.5-2 years ago it had a Rogers Swivomatic tom mount and a 12x16 bass drum and there was a fair amount of discussion on it and if the bass drum was the real deal etc. Did anyone save the pics of it they could post here ...
  4. 1966bmx

    WOW so many questions on this 18" " Gretsch RB " bass drum

    I am interested to hear observations from other vintage Gretsch fans on this ...
  5. 1966bmx

    Camco straight floor tom leg question

    How many notches do they have ? I have seen many that have 12 but have seen others that have more . I am trying to find some for a 14" Oaklawn floor tom and need to know what the correct length and how many notches they have and are the lengths different and number of notches different on a...
  6. 1966bmx

    Want to buy Camco 900 direct pull flat base hi hat stand

    Good morning all I am looking to buy a Camco 900 hi hat stand as seen in these pics . This is the flat base with direct pull not the strap drive . Please lmk what you have thanks in advance .
  7. 1966bmx

    Rogers question , What year did they change from Cleveland to Dayton ?

    I have checked but gotten many different answers so I thought I would ask the Rogers experts here . Can the tag inside a snare drum give me a year of manufacture ? Thanks in advance
  8. 1966bmx

    Vintage snare stand ID .. Any ideas ?

    So I got this stand today but am not sure what it is . My friend who grabbed it for me was thinking maybe Rogers because of the machined collar at the height adjustment but I am not sure . Thanks in advance
  9. 1966bmx

    1966 Kent bop set in red sparkle

    Here is a project I am working on and have been since the summer . This set has a real 18" Kent bass drum which is pretty rare . I know of another and have heard rumor of one more . I still have some work to do yet but wanted to share .... The sizes are 18 , 12, 14 , and 5x14 - 8 lug snare all...
  10. 1966bmx

    WANTED 8 Kent T rods for a center lug bass drum as pictured

    Hey everyone I am looking for 8 of these T rods . I have a bass drum I need to get together for my current BOP set I am building . Thanks in advance ....
  11. 1966bmx

    Recommendations for Nashville and Memphis mid October ...

    My wife and I are going to be in both Memphis and Nashville mid October as she is taking me for my birthday . I am already planning to visit Forks and Memphis Drum shops but was wondering what else there is to see and places to go along with places to eat . I am planning on Sun Records ...
  12. 1966bmx

    WANTED ... 8X12 Kent red sparkle tom with center lugs

    I am looking for an 8x12 Kent tom with the center lugs in red sparkle for my Kent BOP set . Please let know what you have . Thank you in advance ...
  13. 1966bmx

    Out of curiosity who else here uses just one cymbal ?

    I am just curious who else here uses just a single cymbal and a pair of hi hats ? At one time I had a ride cymbal and two crashes and hi hats then i got rid of one of the crashes and just used a ride , one crash and a pair of hi hats . Now recently I have deleted the crash and just use the ride...
  14. 1966bmx

    Who made this cool vintage drumstick holder

    I saw this on eBay and have been looking for something like this . Sadly I did not see it until the auction was over ...
  15. 1966bmx

    Wanted W&A hoop mounted tom holder

    Found please delete
  16. 1966bmx

    Hollywood drum show tomorrow

    Who on here is going ? I am and I know a few other local guys going too ...
  17. 1966bmx

    Los Angeles Vintage Drum Garage sale time again ....

    Hey all , It is about that time again and time for the 2nd annual Los Angeles Vintage Drum Garage sale at my house . Many of you came last year and a good time was had by all . Bring stuff to sell , trade , display , or cash to buy . Bring as much or as little as you like I have a good size...
  18. 1966bmx

    Vintage Pro-mark Thumper bass drum beater questions

    I just got this beater on a bass drum pedal . I am told these were from the 60's but do not remember them at all . It looks like it has had very little if any use . I know Danmar makes one very similar to this now . Are these from the 60s and who here used or uses one ? Are they sought after at...
  19. 1966bmx

    Ludwig 1123-1 hi hat clutch question

    I am using the early Ludwig 1123-1 hi hat stand with the block logo on the footboard but want to get the correct clutch . What is the right one for this as I have seen a few different ones as I have been looking ?
  20. 1966bmx

    WTB Kent 20" bass drum and 12" tom in blue or red sparkle

    I am trying to finish a couple of sets one in red sparkle and one in blue sparkle so I need a 20" bass drum and a 12" tom in blue and or red sparkle . Looking for the bass drum to have 8 lugs per side not center lug style and the tom needs to be double row lugs as well as opposed to the center...