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  1. dalec

    Favorite weird or comical band.

  2. dalec

    Darwin... Is this a Jasper or Keller shell?

    Great. Seems that I have the desirable Jasper shells. Now I must deside whether to cut the toms down or not :rolleyes:
  3. dalec

    Darwin... Is this a Jasper or Keller shell?

    Hi! I recently acquired a Darwin drumset and wonder if the shells are Jasper or Keller. I attached some pictures from the rack tom shell. Maybe the experts know the answer. Shell thickness is about 5 mm..
  4. dalec

    yet ANOTHER laughable greatest list

    ... and last but not least: Mr. Dale Crover! Very interesting drummers in this list.
  5. dalec

    1980's Pearl confusion

    Bass drum spurs are not original. I guess it's a pre-BLX 6-ply birch kit, early 80s. Maple drums usually had "Maple Shell" badges. I have a great sounding kit from that era with the same badges. There are paper tags in Japanese language inside the shells.
  6. dalec

    20's NOB 14"x5" Ludwig(?) Snare... experts welcome

    @AaronLatos, Thanks a lot! I didn't know that there were two versions of the 2-piece shell. Indeed it sounds unbelievably fat for a 5" deep drum. I would love to find a 6,5" 2-piece drum, but they seem hard to come by... I will keep my eyes open for some heavier hoops although I really like the...
  7. dalec

    20's NOB 14"x5" Ludwig(?) Snare... experts welcome

    Hi! I have a 14"x5" Nickel over brass 6-lug Snare which I believe is a Ludwig Pioneer or Universal. But I'm not sure, maybe some of you can help. No badge on the drum, only a few holes, three of them maybe for a muffler? No script on the brass rims, original throw off seems to be a Ludwig 338...
  8. dalec

    Paiste Advice (SCDR, 602, etc.)

    cdrummer, be sure to check some soundfiles of the SC Dark Crashes. They are quite heavy and not everyones taste. I once had a 20" Dark Crash and mostly used it as a ride.
  9. dalec

    Paiste Signiture full crash

    I've been using an 18" Sig Full Crash for nearly 15 years now, and although my other cymbals have changed a lot since then this one is a keeper for sure. It's bright, but still very musicaI and sounds great even when struck light. I have been using it a lot with my Ramones cover band. No dents...
  10. dalec

    NEW modified Speed King...???

    A guy in Germany who is a metal worker sells some refurbished Speed Kings with new and improved parts. Interesting!
  11. dalec

    one for Cozy Powell

    1972 with Jeff Beck on German TV:
  12. dalec

    Tama Bell Brass Snares

    Sorry, but I am not planning to trade. Regards, Lars
  13. dalec

    Tama Bell Brass Snares

    That's exactly the one I am selling right now. It's listed in the FOR SALE section. Lars
  14. dalec

    Calling all Slingerland experts

    Thanks! I love this forum!
  15. dalec

    Calling all Slingerland experts

    Hi, I just came across some Slingerland drums. One was a 1940s 14x7" Super Gene Krupa Radio King snare with 16 Beavertail lugs (model #155) in WMP which is legit for sure. The other is a 24x14" Bass Drum with the streamlined lugs. Could anyone tell me if this drum is legit ? I wondered about...
  16. dalec

    Hey Ludwig Experts - Black Beauty Question

    Hi Jeff, I am pretty sure that the Bronze Black Beauties have a "B" or "BZ" stamped above the muffler screw whereas the Brass version has the letters "BR". Greetings Lars
  17. dalec

    The guy says it's a 70's COB Supraphonic

    Hi Bun, I once had a 70s Black Beauty, all original with exactly the same sticker inside. But I totally agree with the doubts concerning the badge.
  18. dalec

    Ludwig 90th Anniversary Acrolite ??

    I am pretty sure it is a 10 lug drum. Could it be possible that this snare drum was part of the 90th anniversary Fab Four kit ? The picture in the LUDWIG BOOK doesn't show the snare clearly. By the way, thanks for the input and many comments. I knew that in this forum there are the REAL experts.
  19. dalec

    Ludwig 90th Anniversary Acrolite ??

    Here are more photos. It's not my drum, but I have the option to buy it and was wondering if anyone of you heard about that drum. It looks a lot like the Black Galaxy finish, but indeed it's strange that the engraving is yellowish. According to the seller these are definitely no decals.
  20. dalec

    Ludwig 90th Anniversary Acrolite ??

    Here are two pictures. What looks like the 90th anniversary badge is in fact also engraved. No air grommet, just the hole. There is no other Ludwig badge on the drum, only the LUDWIG engraving above the strainer. Lars