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  1. blownaway

    Ride weight preference?

    What is your ideal weight for a 22” ride cymbal? I found that 2500 grams hits the sweet spot for me. Just enough wash, ping, crash with my lower pitch preference. I’ve been trying out Zildjian cymbals and they seem to have a pretty wide spread of weight within the same line.
  2. blownaway

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 22" China Like New!

    Paiste 22" 602 Modern Essentials China Cymbal $355 One owner, barely used in excellent condition - no dings, key hole or scratches. Includes OEM Paiste clear bag. Very well cared for, only a few light sticking marks. A dynamic, smooth & powerful china cymbal. Forged from the legendary...
  3. blownaway

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” Ride Mint!

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” Ride Mint! One owner, lightly played mint condition Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” ride! Includes OEM clear plastic cymbal sleeve & professionally packaged. This is my favorite ride cymbal for all styles of music. Has a clean smooth warm character with a...
  4. blownaway

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” ride - short review

    In the hunt for “the” right ride cymbal. So far I’ve tried.. 2002 Big Beat 22” 2002 22” ride 2002 24” ride Zildjian K 21” crash/ride Signature traditional light ride 22” Dark Energy 22” ride Masters Dry Ride 22” ME 22” Ride After a strong recommendation from jtpaistegeist I decided to...
  5. blownaway

    What defines Cymbal "wash"?

    As a general rule what defines ride cymbal wash THE MOST? Size? Weight? Alloy? Hammering? Make? Bell Size? Interaction of all of the above? I've found that some 20/21" rides have more wash than 22/24" rides and also the opposite is true - depending in the Cymbal.
  6. blownaway

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 22” ride - short review

    Happy Halloween! In the hunt for “the” right ride cymbal. So far I’ve tried.. 2002 Big Beat 22” 2002 22” ride 2002 24” ride Zildjian K 21” crash/ride Signature traditional light ride 22” Dark Energy 22” ride Masters Dry Ride 22” After re-visiting the 602 ME 15” HH’s (my new...
  7. blownaway

    Mixing cymbal lines within Paiste brand?

    For all you Paiste players, are there certain combinations of cymbals within the Paiste line that are best to avoid or is it a case of anything goes and no hard-fast rules when it comes to choosing your favorite cymbals? For example mixing HiHat, Crash's and ride cymbal from completely...
  8. blownaway

    China/effects recommendation?

    I'm looking to try out a china/effects cymbal with my paiste cymbals. Has anyone used the Meinl Equilibrium China? How do you like it? Specifically, what I'm after is a china/effects cymbal with a good cut & quick decay for crash effect (not used for metal). Sorta like the classic Charlie...
  9. blownaway

    Paiste Signature Dark Energy Hi Hat - short review

    I've received a brand new pair of 14" Dark Energy hi hats a few day's ago and gotta say they sure are fine! The seem to check off all the boxes for me. I don't think I'll order any more hi tats for evaluation. At first I ruled out the idea of a 14" HH, having played only 15" hats for as long...
  10. blownaway

    Paiste Dark Energy Crash vs Masters Dark Crash?

    I'm trying out different Paiste crash cymbals and currently have the 19" Dark Energy Crash for audition (which I love) but don't have a Masters Dark crash to compare it to (yet). I also have an 18" DE on the way to try out. Has anyone out there listened to both the Paiste Dark Energy crashes...
  11. blownaway

    Paiste Big Beats in the house!

    Today I received my 20", 24" & 15" Paiste Big Beats! They are soooo beautiful and really sound wonderful. I'm going all Paiste now If anyone is looking for a warmer version of the 2002's be sure the check these out. I've been auditioning a lot of new cymbals lately and these are my favorites...
  12. blownaway

    Why Sore Index Fingers?

    Ive noticed soreness in the joints of my index fingers. Most notably in my left (weakest) hand. Is this due to ... Bad technique? Play mostly matched grip. Old tired muscles? Arthritis? Retraining and using muscles properly and as a result causing muscle fatigue? I havent played consistently...
  13. blownaway

    Powerstroke 3 Felt Tone Fliberskyn

    Does anyone have experience with the Remo Felt Tone Reso bass drum heads? Tempted to give on a try.....
  14. blownaway

    Isolation headphones help me play better?

    Im sure this has been discussed before but here goes.... For me at 59 drums and cymbals can be loud to the point of being bothersome when practicing. When I was younger they didnt affect me this way. I wear hearing aids now too so that also affects the sound I experience while playing (mainly...
  15. blownaway

    New Sonor SQ1 Arrival!

    Yesterday UPS dropped off my Cuiser Blue Sonor SQ1 drum kit! Here are a few pix's, more to come...
  16. blownaway

    Bouncing bass head beater?

    I just picked up a DW9000 bass drum petal and noticed that when making contact with the bass drum head the beater bounces of the head such that you get two beats vs one. Any idea why this is. Technique, pedal adjustment off or ? This wasnt the case with the DW5000. Thanks
  17. blownaway

    Sonor finishes lifecycle?

    Does Sonor keep the color in there drum lines for a long time or do they replace the colors frequently? I'm waiting patiently for my new SQ1 in Cruiser Blue to arrive later this month. I really like the finish. My kit comes with a 8X12, 16X15, 22X17.5. I think eventually I'll want 2 floor toms...
  18. blownaway

    New kit on the way!

    Today I took the plunge and ordered a new Cruiser Blue Sonor SQ1 3 pc shell pack w/ 22" kick! I've always loved the sound of Sonor drums. There is something about Birch wood that sounds better to my ears. Also picked up Zildjian cymbals, A series & K. 15" HH's, 2 crashes & 21" ride. It was a...
  19. blownaway

    Ludwig Stainless Steel Bohnam (sorta)

    I have an orignal Ludwig Stainless Steel kit from the mid 70's that I bought with my own $ back in high school. The sizes are .. Deep 5 deep Superphonic (?) snare. Maybe its 5 , whatever is standard for the deep snare. 14, 15, 16 & 18 toms 24 bass (not the 26" like Bonzo). I also have all...