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  1. singleflammedmill

    Unix Stave Walnut Drums

    This week I received two INDe Drum Lab BR2XL mounting brackets from Dave's Drum Shop. Now, I can use my second bass drum as a Gong Bass. Here's my Unix Walnut Masterpiece.
  2. singleflammedmill

    Joyful Noise Snares

    Joyful Noise Snare Drums Since I bought my first Brass TKO in 2013, Joyful Noise Drum Company became my favorite snare drum maker. I now own 5 JN snares and Ive decided to give you a short review of each one of them. The goal of this thread is not to make everybody buy a JN snare but to help...
  3. singleflammedmill

    Aluminum Snare Comparison

    Ive the pleasure to own these four 14X6.5 aluminum snares. Joyful Noise Luminary Custom Gold 14 X 6.5 Ludwig Acrolite Black Galaxy 14 X 6.5 Ludwig Supraphonic 14 X 6.5 Oriollo Phantom 14 X 6.5 Ive decided to compare them and give you my impressions. Ill talk more about the Phantom...
  4. singleflammedmill

    Joyful Noise + Unix Drums

    Last week, I bought my 4th Joyful Noise snares. I combine each of them with one of my Unix Drums. Here's the result.
  5. singleflammedmill

    Synergy between snare and toms

    I own several kits and many snares so, over the years, I tested many kit/snare combinations. The more I do these tests, the more I realize that the kit/snare combination can influence my appreciation of a particular kit or snare. A very bad combination example was when I put my Ocheltree...
  6. singleflammedmill

    Prince's former drummer John Blackwell Jr. dies at 43

    That's sad news. RIP John Blackwell.
  7. singleflammedmill

    Tama Superstar Natural Maple 1979

    Here's my latest acquisition. It's a 1979 Tama Superstar Natural Maple. The dimensions are 22X14, 12X8, 13X9, 16X16. It goes pretty well with my vintage Tama Bell Brass.
  8. singleflammedmill

    Do you think that drum is an expensive hobby?

    I’m a drum enthusiast/hobbyist/geek who suffers from GAS and if I look at the bottom of the Excel sheet where I keep track of my inventory my answer should be yes. But, objectively, I don’t think so. Drums don’t become obsolete like electronic products or motor vehicles do. I can buy a 40’s or...
  9. singleflammedmill

    Singleflammedmill Drum Collection

    Hi guys. I'm a drum geek and I want to show you my drums. I'll try my best to answer any question regarding my gear. My Starclassic Kit Tama Starclassic Maple Drum (Blue Sparkle) Bass Drum 22 X 18 EMAD Clear/EQ3 Resonant Black Tom 10 X 8...
  10. singleflammedmill

    Unix Drums

    In less than one month, I've bought 3 Unix Kits and I want to tell you how it started. I'm a Tama fan and I'm curious so I was always wondering if a Tama Starclassic Bubinga drum will sound better than my Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga. When I saw a used Unix Stave Bubinga kit on Kijiji I...