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  1. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    What’s your favorite stick?

  2. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    22 MTL and 20 Ren here. Just got ‘em after years of lusting and they’re perfect.
  3. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    20” Constantinople medium thin low vs high vs Renaissance!

    I don’t know if this’ll help you or not. I had a 22” Ren and hated it. Too bright. Now I have a 22” MTL and a 20” Ren. Now THAT is a winning combo! The 20” Ren is much better to me than the 22”.
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    Eeeesh. That last bit is ugh. I'm using an almost 20 year old 22" Zildjian bag that I think came free from Guitar center with a 20" K Custom Dark Ride I bought. It has very flimsy vinyl/polyester dividers. My cymbals at this point are brand new 22" K Con MTL, 20" K Con Ren, 20" K Cluster...
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    My cymbal bag's seen better days and the zipper on my Vater stick bag's broken. Looking at the Tackle 22" backpack thing and their stick roll. Anyone have this stuff? Good, bad, ugly?
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    Got my tickets to day for Alter Bridge.

    He's short too. People talk about players who influenced you, and I always have to give credit to Scott and Jon Wysocki (Staind) credit for the random bell accent thing.
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    Does anyone still like the '90s rock snare sound?

    Listening to Deftones today (Around the Fur, White Pony) and loving the cranked snare sound. Also a big Sexton fan. Back in the 90's I brought my marching snare home for the summer to practice. I got bored one day and took the Premier Tendura Kevlar head off the marching drum and put it on my...
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    Got my tickets to day for Alter Bridge.

    Ok, well we're on a drum forum, so we should at least type Scott Phillips' name.
  9. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    Got my tickets to day for Alter Bridge.

    My last concert was Creed/Sevendust/Finger11 in 2000. Been a fan forever. Hope you love it!
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    Batter Bass Heads-how often do you change 'em?

    I think it really depends more how you play and what sound you like. Most music is going to call for a dead bass drum anyway, so as long as there's not a hole in the head, who cares. I like a bit of tone in the bass drum. I also play beater off the head. I also don't play that hard. I also...
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    Slight OT: Bedroom recording for covers, self-critique, etc

    I was able to take advantage of Zildjians Audio Technica rebate last year and today my pair of Audio Technica AT2020 condensers will be delivered. I've been recording these things so far by just using a Blue Snowball USB mic straight into Garage Band. Now having received a pair of free...
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    All things to all men or just be you

    Lately I'm having a bit of a crisis of confidence with my drumming. Although I've studied and actively played for 26 years now, only about 3 years of that was with a band creating original music. Even during that time, that band was only one of 3 or 4 groups I was playing regularly with...
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    What is the most unusual kit you've played? rare, famous, unusual set up, etc.

    A couple years back I auditioned with a band (got offered the gig, but declined. Guys just weren't my vibe) a few years back and they told me that the house across the street belonged to Morgan Rose's (Sevendust drummer) mom and that the tour bus used to pull up and drop Morgan off there...
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    Black Beauty lug/tension rod binding

    I've got a 6.5x14 Black Beauty, recent production that I got from a member here a couple years back. I went to change heads recently and found that one of the lugs (it's just one, on the batter side) binds on the tension rod a bit. It's just enough that you can't spin the rod with your...
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    Pearl 14" FFX Marching Snare

    No interest at all? Price out of line?
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    Reverb, you surprise me... (angry rant)

    I'm not the guy you're talking about and I don't know him, so I'm not a straw man here. And maybe you're right and your case here isn't what I'm getting at. You hit the nail on the head of what I was trying to get at with your Amazon comment. Sorry for making you the scapegoat of an...
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    Reverb, you surprise me... (angry rant)

    As a counter-point of irk-ness is when someone expects (demands) that an individual seller looking to unload some gear operate like a business. When I sell stuff, I always try to go above and beyond with packing, timeliness, etc. At the same time, rants like the OP seem to me to have forgotten...
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    Does anyone still like the '90s rock snare sound?

    Yeah, was actually talking with a fellow drummer last night about this. In some cases, people are trying to get sounds out of gear that just won't get there: House kit at my church is a Catalina Birch in Fusion sizes, but with a 22" kick. Largest tom is the 14" floor, but there are toms...
  19. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    Does anyone still like the '90s rock snare sound?

    I still like it a lot personally, but am almost ALWAYS asked to produce the low fat thing nowadays regardless of genre.
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    Are You an "All One Brand" Guy?

    Honestly it bothers me if things don't match. Sometimes I envy the guys that live the "as long as it sounds good" life. But, it will bug me to death. That said, I don't insist on everything matching across drums, hardware, etc. I play a DW Collectors kit, but with Yamaha hardware (footboards...