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  1. Fat Drummer

    Inde WāFARER kits!

    Nope, I have a Montineri bop kit with a 14X18, 8X12 and 14X14 and that is as small as I enjoy playing. I thought about having Josh build me a couple more drums (14X20" and 14X18" kicks and a 9X13" tom) to round out my current 5 INDe's into a nice shell bank, but the individual prices were just...
  2. Fat Drummer

    Inde WāFARER kits!

    As a INDe owner and fan, I dig them as options for others, but they are a little to small for me I'm afraid. I have my favorite sizes and these just shrink a little too far below those to appeal to me. As for the aluminum, I am simply not a fan of the rolled and riveted. So while I dont knock...
  3. Fat Drummer

    Biggest kit you have ever owned?

    Ah yes... those wild and Crazy 80's!!! I bought my Tama Superstars in the late 70's by by collage they had morphed into this.... (yep, thats a Ludwig 24" I bought to round out the double kick set up).... Then it started getting smaller again... sorta! I could do a whole thread on the life...
  4. Fat Drummer

    Is this a MusicYo Slingerland?

    Yep, the HSS era seem to be pretty consistent about the $150 mark best I can tell.
  5. Fat Drummer

    Is this a MusicYo Slingerland?

    So I will toss my limited knowledge into the ring and remind you that my advice is exactly worth what you pay for it! I did a lot of digging into both the HSS and Gibson Music Yo era of Slingerland snares when I did my Nashville Tribute snare and I learned a few things to look for. Both...
  6. Fat Drummer

    Tama Artwood

    For $5 bucks? The price for entry was right, thats for sure! Ive never tried an S Hoop, I keep putting that on my "to do" list and your post reminds me of that. Any pics of the new addition?
  7. Fat Drummer

    New Drumset Day - Classic Maple Jazzette

    Way to go, what a sweeeeet kit, congratulations on the new arrival!
  8. Fat Drummer

    A+ Gibraltar Customer Service

    That is great to hear, I also have a real soft spot for Gibraltar. Back in my professional playing career, I only had three actual endorsements and one was Gibraltar when they were still owned by KMC (80's -90's). Though the endorsements came more through the drums we built rather than my...
  9. Fat Drummer

    Cymbal weights

    Yep, I too will disagree with you vehemently... weights are extremely important in the absence of a sound clip. As I often say, there are no bad cymbal brands, but every brand can make bad cymbals. And as ThomFloor pointed out, weights help point you in the direction of a preference when looking...
  10. Fat Drummer

    Talk about a monster groove

    What a great vid, thanks for the link! Yes, I forget that he truly could play his butt off!
  11. Fat Drummer

    For you Gear Geeks... What’s Your "GUILTY PLEASURE" Piece of Gear?

    Right on Sherm, that is a GREAT little monitor! I have one as well and it's all I need on any of my light jobs. And on the bigger shows as well if not running electronics or open air tracks.
  12. Fat Drummer

    For you Gear Geeks... What’s Your "GUILTY PLEASURE" Piece of Gear?

    Tillerva's current thread on your favorite piece of gear that you own from the past made me think of this idea... what is your favorite "guilty pleasure" piece of gear you currently own? This can be new or used and can be anything at all... an accessory, a drum, a whole kit, a cymbal...
  13. Fat Drummer

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Nothing new from a few weeks ago... played today with my jam band trio using the same Montineri kit, George Way snare and the Agop Signature rig that I always play with this particular band, but darn it, I just like posting in the office tread! To give you something different, I did angle down...
  14. Fat Drummer

    Gretsch snare drum family photo

    WOW! Your from one of those UPPER CLASS Families! That's is an awesome collection!
  15. Fat Drummer

    Any of you have a one-trip kit?

    For my local causal gigs, my philosophy is simple... if it takes more than one trip, then I brought too much stuff! The other larger kits take more trips, but I always keep a nice 1 trip set for my local stuff...
  16. Fat Drummer

    Mehmet & Bosphorus Cymbals

    Thanks for that video link, I had not seen that before and enjoyed the heck out of it! I so dig his smooth control, a fine player!
  17. Fat Drummer

    New Drums

    WOW! Congrats on the addition!!! They sound good in the pics even!! Oh, and I am ALSO a "born in 62" member so does that mean Im third in line behind Brian and Mntnman when your ready to let them go? LOL!
  18. Fat Drummer

    Piece of equipment that's stuck with you

    I think thats cool Tillerva, after almost 50 years of playing I dont think I have a single thing from days gone by.
  19. Fat Drummer

    My First Foray into Bosphorus ... all thanks to the DFO family!!

    My First Foray into Bosphorus… So the truth is, I’m a HUGE fan of Turkish made cymbals. But of course in all fairness, I’m a pretty big fan of the Chinese, Italian and US interpretations as well… but I do have a strong affinity towards the hand crafted variety out of Turkey. I have had many...