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  1. hardbat

    Stick holder / tray ?

    I use the Drummer's Palette.
  2. hardbat

    Which of you are songwriters?

    Started writing jazz tunes about 3-4 years ago. Most recently I've written a couple of big band charts.
  3. hardbat

    How can we get rid of the Remo logo or where can I buy a head without a logo

    The reason for doing this is to make a retro style logo head. I did this for my Camco kit. It would look terrible having both logos on the top edge. Remo's logos have become impossible to remove. You can special order a Remo head with the logo on the bottom, then put yours on the top. Or...
  4. hardbat

    Intriguingly difficult for me

    I can't believe I never saw that before. Very cool!!
  5. hardbat

    Drum Rugs (IKEA)

    I don't like rubber backing. Too heavy, plus I like to be able to slide the kit around after setting it up.
  6. hardbat

    Gretsch people...what is going on with this round badge floor Tom!?!?

    Now that is seriously weird.
  7. hardbat

    Drum Rugs (IKEA)

    Whoa, wait... seriously cool kit.
  8. hardbat

    Help with identifying 13" high hats please

    Could be anything. Tyrko?
  9. hardbat

    Inde BR3 and BR2 mounts

    It can be used on a lug, or you can use it just as a mount.
  10. hardbat

    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    Barrett Deems. Or if you mean nicest, that would be Bellson, and more recently Blade.
  11. hardbat

    Inde BR3 and BR2 mounts

    I am using one of these to hold a cymbal arm on a vintage Camco kit. They're crazy solid, nicely adjustable, and best of all. You don't have to drill any new holes. The clever design adapts to a wide range of hole spacing.
  12. hardbat

    SOLD. DW ultralight 6000 set. HH, snare, 2 cymbal stands

    Thanks for the weights. And awesome sound file!
  13. hardbat

    15” hats for jazz combos. Anyone play them?

    I'm not man enough for 15's.
  14. hardbat

    Pearl 1970’s cymbal stands wanted

    Those are what I use. I'm surprised they have totally bypassed the attention of vintage enthusiasts... never once seen them even mentioned until this post. They are great stands, easy to use, sturdy, not too heavy, look clean, never fail, and practically impossible to find. I snagged a third a...
  15. hardbat

    Becoming a Jazz Drummer at 57

    Whoa, what place is this?
  16. hardbat

    SOLD. DW ultralight 6000 set. HH, snare, 2 cymbal stands

    Right, but supposedly there are variations in weight among the different incarnations of the ultralights.
  17. hardbat

    SOLD. DW ultralight 6000 set. HH, snare, 2 cymbal stands

    Can you tell me how each stand weighs? I am reading conflicting numbers on the web.
  18. hardbat

    Favorite Odd Meter song/piece/recording/performance

    Yeah, about 75% of Moondog's tunes are in 5/4. And then in rounds. I'm on a sort of Moondog kick right now. Just finished writing a big band arrangement of "Dog Trot".