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  1. Rotarded

    I hate micro kits.

    So I built this stainless steel bop kit....... . 8x12, 10x14, 10x18
  2. Rotarded

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    Dammit, I did it again. Must resist FB Marketplace..... Percussion Plus Hydraulic throne, mint, for $20. Surprised when I saw that these go for $150 on Amazon and Drum Center New Hampshire. Wanted mainly for the hydraulic base to pair with a Roc-n-Soc seat bottom I picked up a few weeks ago...
  3. Rotarded

    In praise of the humble Acrolite

    To me they are different tools. I like both equally, because they are versatile yet different. I have at least one, if not both, at every gig I play.
  4. Rotarded

    Any of you have a one-trip kit?

    My Stainless Steel bop ( 12,14,18 ) is a one tripper. It also fits entirely in the trunk of my Kia Optima, including 2 snares, accessory (mics, Ipad, hand percussion, cables) bag, emergency backpack, and Cart.
  5. Rotarded

    Older Deep Acrolite

    Paraphrasing a comment Bun E Carlos made. "Who knows how many were made. Try and find one". Simple economics. Supply and demand. The vintage versions of the 6.5 Acorlites seem to pop up a couple times a year and the prices are VERY unpredictable. What are they worth? Kinda depends on the day...
  6. Rotarded

    Are YOU the best musician in your band?

    Not even close. Our Keys/Guitarist (who also plays Drums and Bass) is classically trained and has been a continually gigging and session musician for 40 years. Our bass player is phenomenal, but needs me to "count" for him. Our Lead Guitarist is amazing, but is too circumspect to realize how...
  7. Rotarded

    Pet Peeves When Shopping for Used Drums?

    "an expert told me" = Your buddy, who knows nothing "I took it to a shop and they told me" = The guy at the (Guitar Center, Sam Ash, MusicgoRound) counter "I see them online for..." = Thinks Ludwig because it has Ludwig head, but Sound percussion shell,..... or Gretsch Blackhawk valued as USA...
  8. Rotarded

    Are You an "All One Brand" Guy?

    I have kits and snares from different makers. (DW, Ludwig, Gretsch) I'll mix snares with kits. All my cymbals are the same maker, yet will mix different lines/eras. (Zildjian) Hardware is mostly a mixture with all kits. (DW, Ludwig, Tama, Yamaha, etc..) Heads are mostly Remo, but the logos are...
  9. Rotarded

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    Been Killing it on FB Marketplace and Craigslist since Thanksgiving. DW Collectors 3mm 5.5x14 Cast Bell Brass with Gold hardware and 3 position buttplate, FB Marketplace: $350 DW Collectors 5x14 Black Nickel over Brass and DW 9303 snare stand, FB Marketplace: $250 for BOTH Zildjian 20" A...
  10. Rotarded

    LM 402?

    My Acrolite anomalies. 10 lug 5" "Blackrolite" 1976 6.5" with Imperials
  11. Rotarded

    Drummers With Multiple Kits: Ever an Issue With Family / Friends?

    Simply put, They are tools. The right tool for the job. I play out in different venues all the time. What is right for one, may not be right for another. A Stainless kit with a Bell Brass snare isn't going to work well in a small club with block walls, for example. As said before, why do you...
  12. Rotarded

    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    5"x14" DW Black Nickel over Brass, Satin hardware 5.5"x14" DW Bell Brass, Gold Hardware 6.5"x14" DW Performance Maple 5"x14" Ludwig 1959 Jazz Festival 3 ply Mohagany 5"x14" Ludwig 1964 Supraphonic 5"x14" Ludwig 1976 Supraphonic 5"x14" Ludwig 1968 Acrolite 5"x14" Ludwig 1981 Acrolite 5"x14"...
  13. Rotarded

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Last Saturday's rig!
  14. Rotarded

    Your Drum Room

    My basement, the "Drum Cave"!
  15. Rotarded

    OT +/- a cat in late 2019

    We lost our nearly 20 year old cat one year ago today. They become family.... I feel your pain.
  16. Rotarded

    Wow! Dating my Acrolite

  17. Rotarded

    OT-The Stock Market

    Lots of feedback when I brought up cryptocurrency early in this thread. Most of it was negative. Here's a asset performance chart for 2019. I'm up 600% in the last 3 years. How you doing??
  18. Rotarded

    1976 Supraphonic NOS - Is this Legit?

    Put a magnet on it........ I kid, I kid. Looks legit, but "NOS" would be a stretch. I see scratches from behind the tension rod that continues onto the badge. Regardless of the "NOS" claim, an unpitted and almost collectors condition Supra from that era would command that price, or more.
  19. Rotarded

    What spare stuff do you bring to the gig?

    Extra snare, pedal, and this box o pieces/tools/parts.
  20. Rotarded

    Did Santa Bring You Some Cool Piece of Music Gear for Christmas?

    "Santa" brought me my present at Thankigiving! DW Bell Brass. 3mm cast shell, Gold plated hardware, 3 position butt plate. e.