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  1. DrumWhipper

    Broke down and purchased a new hardware case

    I paid $255 USD for mine.
  2. DrumWhipper

    Broke down and purchased a new hardware case

    Good to see several of you have good things to say about the case. I was already confident in it, but now I’m even more so than I was before.
  3. DrumWhipper

    Piece of equipment that's stuck with you

    Mine would be my Mapex Falcon hi hat stand
  4. DrumWhipper

    Broke down and purchased a new hardware case

    I got tired of paying $120 for bags that wouldn’t last a year, so I bit the bullet and purchased an SKB hard case. It is plenty sturdy and on wheels, and I’m happy to have it.
  5. DrumWhipper

    my new 1st ever Gretsch kit!

    Beautiful drums! Congrats!
  6. DrumWhipper

    Another drum head question post.

    Seriously, I know there are a lot of these posts that pop up, so please bare with me. I'm currently playing Evans EC2 over Evans G1 on my toms. I've found that the heads on my 14 inch and 16 inch floor toms always tune up easily, and stay in tune. I use both of them a considerable amount in my...
  7. DrumWhipper

    Drumeo at NAMM

    They aren't the only ones who got shut down. According to Facebook Soultone Cymbals was shut down for the same thing.
  8. DrumWhipper

    Carter Beauford Replica - Gig pics

    I'm going to have to make that 45 minute drive to Hampton so I can play...errr...see this thing in person lol
  9. DrumWhipper

    Beware of Scams on Facebook

    Those snares are going for $100 at my local Guitar Center. I snagged one for use with my breakbeats kit.
  10. DrumWhipper

    Always wondered...who are the moderators here?

    This forum is operated a lot better than some others out there. I left one because you could post a link to a product you purchased to show what it was, and you would be threatened with a ban for advertising products not provided by the forum sponsors. There was no list of forum sponsors, so...
  11. DrumWhipper

    What are your most comical "can't believe this is happening" gig stories?

    Simple question, as described in the title. For me it was a festival I played this past summer. I go on stage and am told "we just changed the heads and didn't have time to tune them, so you need to try to do what you can with them" before my band went on. Add the Barton kick drum head on the...
  12. DrumWhipper

    Candidate for worst ever Ebay drum listing

    He is out of his ever loving mind...
  13. DrumWhipper

    Candidate for worst ever Ebay drum listing

    That shipping, tho...
  14. DrumWhipper

    Gretsch Catalina

    Thanks everyone. I've decided to pass on this kit.
  15. DrumWhipper

    Gretsch Catalina

    Shoot me some photos in the inbox please sir.
  16. DrumWhipper

    Gretsch Catalina

    Thanks. The guy had been asking 500, but couldnt move them and said "just make an offer I'll probably take it."
  17. DrumWhipper

    Gretsch Catalina

    I know we have several Gretsch players here. I've always been a Mapex and Tama guy, but I've run across a nice 4 piece Gretsch Catalina Mahogany set local to me that is up for sale. I dont know much about these kits, so I'm hoping someone here can give me some ideas of their quality, and a...
  18. DrumWhipper

    Piccolo snares

    I picked this Mapex 14x3.5 today for $115 out the door. It will be used completely as an accent snare.