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  1. GeeDeeEmm

    TAMA air vent/grommet:

    And the answer is . . . . ??????'' GeeDeeEmm
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    Help Joining Cymbal Tube to L Arm

    Auto parts stores carry roll pins, too. There are punches that are shaped specifically for roll pins, but I don't use them. Especially for installation. I just hammer them in. They are made from a very hard steel that won't deform when you drive them in. You can find guides on the internet...
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    Help Joining Cymbal Tube to L Arm

    Thin Shell has a good idea with the JB Weld. I think I would apply a thick layer to the L-arm before inserting it into the cymbal arm, then use the two roll pins as I pointed out earlier. You might think about removing the cymbal tilter from the cymbal arm, too, as this would allow you to add...
  4. GeeDeeEmm

    Cool Trick With iPhone SLO MO video setting.

    That's very cool! I need to study my iphone settings and see if it's available. Thanks for posting your experience. GeeDeeEmm
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    narrow snare wires

    From personal experience and experimentation, I haven't found that increasing the number of wires on a snare offers any improvement in snare drum "sensitivity." In fact (and, again, just my personal experience) increasing the number of wires directly correlates with a decrease in sensitivity...
  6. GeeDeeEmm

    Modern Drum Shop bop kit 18/14/12/10

    Looks like they would be roughly equivalent to a Yamaha Tour Custom kit? For future thought in case you end up shipping the kit: I've found our local farm tractor dealer to be an excellent source for boxes for shipping musical gear. Make friends with the companies' receiving clerk and you will...
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    Help Joining Cymbal Tube to L Arm

    What you are proposing is not ideal (better to simply buy a pre-built cymbal arm from Gibraltar, et al), but it will work just fine. I'd do this: insert the L-arm and drill the two pieces. But instead of using a screw to secure the two pieces, just use an appropriately-sized roll pin. This...
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    Painting Gretsch hoops and gluing inlay advice

    This. I have a special liking for DupliColor rattle can paints, not only for the quality of the paint, but because the products have a quality spray tip that produces a very nice, controllable pattern. The first step I take is cleaning the inlay channel of all the old adhesive and any other...
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    Zildjian K 13” Hats Updated with Weights - Price Drop

    This is literally the conversation going on in my head right now: Me, to my wife: "I'm thinking seriously about buying a set of hi hat cymbals that a fellow named westjosh is selling for a FANTASTIC PRICE on the drum board. They're only $150 shipped!" Her: "Hmm. And you just bought another new...
  10. GeeDeeEmm

    DW Collector's Series Exotic Dragonwood

    Those are beautiful drums! I'm thinking that you can forget finding a used ride Tom in that finish. Time to start saving a TON of dough to simply order up a new one while it's possible to do so. That one is going to hurt. GeeDeeEmm
  11. GeeDeeEmm

    A+ Gibraltar Customer Service

    This superior customer support is the way it's always been whenever I've dealt with Gibraltar. I worked in a music store for many years, back when Gibraltar was still owned by Kaman Corporation, and they worked hard to remedy any kind of customer problems that were brought to their attention...
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    I’ve probably said this before but much love for Club Customs!

    That picture of the BCA in WMP makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! That's beautiful. GeeDeeEmm
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    I’ve probably said this before but much love for Club Customs!

    My hands-down favorite wrap. I was given (yes!) a NOS mixed finish Slingerland kit and recovered the entire set in large chip Slingerland/Delmar White Marine Pearl and they look simply gorgeous. I've seen only a couple of Yamaha sets in WMP - one Beech Custom and one Recording Custom - and...
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    Cymbals for Country Music?

    And that great A sound is back, with the Ks simply moving into the EXTRAORDINARY category. I'm at GC now lusting my dark heart out over some new Ks that they just received. I need lots of money! GeeDeeEmm
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    What Heads For A PDP CX

    I love CX Mexico maples. Had my kit for twenty years now. I would have tagged your's as CXRs considering the colors and sizes. I don't remember whether CXRs said so on the badges or not. You already know that the 16" floor Tom is unobtainium. Anyway, after using my CXs for twenty years of...
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    Cymbals for Country Music?

    Well, the HH Medium Ride is a close as one can get for a general purpose cymbal, and especially with rivets. It's not soft and "buttery" like one would find in a strictly "jazz" cymbal, but I suspect it could easily be used as a jazzer. It has a very pleasing ping that is well supported by a...
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    Walopus Wrap question

    I have a wooden snare that I wanted to wrap in chrome, so began a long search into available options. It became readily apparent that the plastic chrome wraps leave a lot to be desired. I looked into the chrome wraps intended for automotive applications and that proved fruitless because the auto...
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    The POWER of wood

    Never tried wood beaters, but I hate the sound of plastic versions. Are the wood beaters different in sound to the plastic ones? I'm assuming that a protective patch is absolutely necessary to preserve the batter head? Does the average wood beater feel different from an equivalent plastic...
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    Who is running ads in the middle of my screen?

    Any link to a reliable free ad blocker? I've never used one. Does it block all pop-up ads? Any problems with using it? Unintended consequences? I'm a certified computer dummy, so pardon the ignorant questions. GeeDeeEmm
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    Brilliant tip to teach/learn drum notation

    Excellent visual presentation! That's the kind of illustration that helps cement the idea in the brain. GeeDeeEmm