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  1. Drumming-4-Life

    Looking for Hardshell Case Recommendations

    I have some SKB and H&B cases, and they both work great. In other worlds than drumming, SKB is surpassed by other brands like Pelican... so it's not "hands down" SKB... there are other companies that make nice cases. In our world, I think that brand is H&B. Keep an eye out for a coupon from...
  2. Drumming-4-Life

    WTB: A Pair of Noble & Cooley Diecast Hoops, 14" 10-Lug, Chrome

    The "ear tabs" set them apart from all other diecast hoops. Mastercast hoops are fine, but they aren't the same. This is not about sound... it's about having what N&C originally designed/offered. Yep... that's a real step down. The profile of the WM diecasts is very undesirable to me. You...
  3. Drumming-4-Life

    WTB: A Pair of Noble & Cooley Diecast Hoops, 14" 10-Lug, Chrome

    Sounds like a simple request, but it's not. N&C does not offer diecast hoops any more, because their local caster is out of business, and they have not found a suitable replacement to make these parts. I've attached a photo, so you can see how they are different than other diecast hoops. I...
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    WTB: Tama Bell Brass Snare Drum 6.5x14

    Still looking, and yes, I check the usual websites daily.
  5. Drumming-4-Life

    WTB: Brady Snare Drum Diecast (Pewter) Badge Era

    Still looking... yes, I check eBay and Reverb daily.
  6. Drumming-4-Life

    Die Cast Hoops

    Not everyone likes die cast hoops, and not every drum sounds good with them. I happen to like them on many drums. I love case hoops on mine.
  7. Drumming-4-Life

    Die Cast Hoops

    Funny how things happen. At Noble & Cooley, they have the exact opposite thing happening. They are no longer offering their proprietary die cast hoops (you can pick them out by their unique shape at the "ear tabs" where the tension bolts insert) because their original casting service is no...
  8. Drumming-4-Life

    Die Cast Hoops

    This is what I meant about the WorldMax hoops... yes I'm quoting myself hahaha.
  9. Drumming-4-Life

    Die Cast Hoops

    Beautiful Drum and Hoops!
  10. Drumming-4-Life

    Die Cast Hoops

    I suggest you stick with Ludwig Diecast Hoops. They make a fine hoop, very similar to Gretsch, Pearl, and DW. As far as pricing goes, they are all a little cheaper than Tama Starcast diecast hoops. All of my Luddies have diecast hoops... I love'em. This being said, I do not care for the...
  11. Drumming-4-Life

    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    Here is my latest addition to my collection... If you want to see more pics of this drum... click HERE! If you want to see my full, current, updated collection... click HERE!
  12. Drumming-4-Life

    SOLD Dunnett Classic Polished Titanium 5.5x14 SOLD

    Does it say it's titanium anywhere on the drum? I ask because it looks like the stainless steel model. This is a nice-looking drum!
  13. Drumming-4-Life

    ***SOLD*** TAMA Starphonic Bubinga

    Beautiful example of this model. I have it, but on mine the Cordia ply is much darker, with tighter grain.
  14. Drumming-4-Life

    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    Gorgeous Collection SFM!
  15. Drumming-4-Life

    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    What I have on my website is my current collection, minus a few on the way. By the way, there are 6 Pearl snare drums in there. I also have 9 for sale on eBay, that are not in my collection.
  16. Drumming-4-Life

    2003 Tama Hand Hammered Copper Snare Drum

    Thanks guys! This is the drum that was recently on eBay, but I got it for half of the auction price. I also put all new hardware on it.
  17. Drumming-4-Life

    2003 Tama Hand Hammered Copper Snare Drum

    I've been searching for one of these for years. This is a fine (and heavy) specimen, a great representation of the model. It is a 3mm copper shell, hand-hammered. It weighs almost as much as my Oriollo Bellmaker 65, but tips the scale a little less because of it's 5.5" depth. If you want to...
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    Beautiful drum... not for me... but someone's going to get lucky when they buy this!
  19. Drumming-4-Life

    For Sale:Noble & Cooley 6.5x13 Walnut Ply Snare Drum

    The 6x13 has black nickel hardware, or chrome?