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  1. mydadisjr

    slightly OT...CARVIN PA SPEAKERS

    hello all: I have some old and VERY HEAVY Yamaha PA cabs. They sound great but weigh 62lbs. I just do not want to lug them around anymore. I keep looking at the Carvin LM15 cabs...molded plastic, a 15" and a horn. Can get 'em shipped to me for about $540 a pair. Anybody using these? I...
  2. mydadisjr

    LUDWIG COB LB402 QUESTION....Latter Day Ludwig Experts??

    Hey, any LDLE's out there (LATTER DAY LUDWIG EXPERTS)? I am looking at some pics of a COB LB402 for a possible purchase...large Monroe badge #3,4xx,xxx but no BRASS EDITION oval badge. Did the first batch of these not have the BE badge? Also, did these drums have a "B" stamped anywhere? Any...
  3. mydadisjr


    Hello All: I need to transfer my approx 10,000 songs from my WMP (Windows Media Player, Vista OS) to an ipod type device. I am looking for something that is the most "Windows compatible", can hold about 12,000 songs and has the largest screen available. Would most of these devices have some...
  4. mydadisjr

    new LUDWIG COB 402...should I??

    Howdy: I am trying to talk myself into a getting a new 6.5 chome over brass Supra for my xmas present to me (wife gets a new 32" Vizio TV). Looking at the standard imperial lug model, 6.5 COB. Should I take the plunge? Anybody have a clue on where the best internet prices are? Midwest has...
  5. mydadisjr

    CASCIO INTERSTATE 10% plus 15% hardware deal

    Cascio is doing a crazy sale...10% off accessories and such...heads, wires, sticks, hoops, cases, stands and pedals. PLUS there is a coupon code now for ANOTHER 15% off!...code is SP112309 and ends the 23rd, use all caps when typing it in. I just tried it and it all worked, plus free shipping...
  6. mydadisjr

    New Ludwig P33 CAST BUTT question

    Hello: does anyone know the mounting hole spacing (center to center) for the newer Ludwig P33 Butt? thanks, Kirk H
  7. mydadisjr

    JIMI HENDRIX...two pix...

    Thanks to JR for the cool pic of Jimi with the Supra. Just got done listening to Two favorite pics. Rest in peace, bro. SING ON BROTHER..... PLAY ON DRUMMER......
  8. mydadisjr


    Just picked up three snares in ten days off of ebay...1964 Powertone (LOW LOW serial #2708), 1969 Ruby Strata Standard, and 1971 Acrolite. Total price was about $291. Now is the time to buy!!
  9. mydadisjr

    DRUM PIX 2nd try 3 DRUMS FOR UNDER $300

    Very odd...I cannot seem to get the pics to load in a normal full size fashion. I resized them, is that still necessary? Anyway, my last three additions, all bought within 10 days, all for under $300, plus a family pic of three strata Standards.
  10. mydadisjr


    Never mind...cannot get pics to load in this new system...trying again. Is there no way now for the original poster to edit the TITLE of a thread???!
  11. mydadisjr

    I tuned my snare to G# to ROCK HARD IN E!!

    Was just looking at more DW and Craviotto snare drums... Well, there is a current ebay auction for a DW Craviotto snare (with a G# stamp on inside of shell) and the seller states (and I quote): "Near New Condition February 21, 2006 DW Drum Workshop "Collector's Series" CRAVIOTTO Natural Maple...
  12. mydadisjr

    DW EDGE question

    Hello All: quick DW question.... I am always drooling over the EDGE snare drums on ebay, as I have always wanted one. Anyhow... THE QUESTION...I frequently see Edge auctions with 5.5" and 6.5" listed as depth. Didn't DW only sell them in 5" and 6" models? BTW...check out the Craviotto/DW...
  13. mydadisjr

    the EBAY POLICE strike again...nutty!!

    Check this out...I sold a very nice set of 10 VHS tapes recently, the CONNECTIONS series that showed on The Learning Channel. Anyway, they went very cheap ($25), as VHS stuff does. I then I had to wait for payment and eventually had to bug the buyer to get him to pay. He finally pays, I ship...
  14. mydadisjr

    EBAY fee strangeness WHAT'S UP?

    I was just going thru my ebay fees. I had just sold a Fender MIDI controller ( sold for $215) for a buddy and was checking to see how much the fees were. Well, I started noticing inconsistencies in the fees I was being charged. Regular end of auction fees are supposed to be $2.19 on the first...
  15. mydadisjr

    does this WMP SLINGERLAND set give me MAD DRUM CRED?

    Here is a shot of my latest set...I got this one set up at home for practise only. Mid '70's 3 ply Slingy in stained WMP with cool 8 lug 3 line 6.5 COB snare. Do I get MDC with this set or does MDC only apply to sets taken out and gigged with?
  16. mydadisjr

    '71 chrome LUDWIG STANDARD snare...PICS!

    Picked this one up a few months ago and just detailed her...100% original rims, rods, wires, rod washers. Chrome has the typical Ludwig smattering of pits over the spun Ludalloy shell. No serial number, May 1971 I dig the groovy block logo P83 and the original Ludwig wires. Kirk H
  17. mydadisjr


    Hello All: I might come into a few dollars soon and can probably talk the missus into buying me a new snare IF I buy her a new TV. Anyway, I would really like to have another high end wood player. I have been playing Ludwig metal drums FOREVER and have plenty of 'em but I need a change. I...
  18. mydadisjr


    It has been proposed to me by a fellow DFO-ate that jazz drummers actually see much less brake wear on their cars than the average rock drummer. Supposedy, this is because the jazzers learn to "feather" the bass drum AND the brake pedal at a young age, and one lends itself to excellence at the...
  19. mydadisjr


    Hello: Just picked up a pretty nice 70's Krupa 6.5 8 lug 3 line COB snare...a real tank but these COB shells are SOFT, baby! Know I know why Rogers did the 2 channel thing. Anyway, looks like the drum was dropped a few times and the top head fits VERY tight. I am sure the shell is out of...
  20. mydadisjr

    anyone ever ship to...MEXICO??

    I have a cool old keystone 15" tom on ebay and somebody from Mexico wants it. Does UPS even function there? Corruption is so high anymore I just cannot see how the system would work. Any experiences? Kirk H