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  1. Doof

    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    Rich Redmond. I saw him at a street concert in Nashville, we were on a bar’s patio overlooking the stage area. He wasn’t playing and was with his wife, so I was very hesitant to bother him. With my wife’s prodding, I walked up to him and told him how much I admire his approach to playing...
  2. Doof

    The POWER of wood

    I bought one, and put it through my kick batter on my first gig with it. I loved it while it lasted, half a set. I guess I’m a bit heavier-footed than I thought. I went back to felt, but wood certainly does transmit power.
  3. Doof


    I have to admit, the play clock and extra points ideas sound rather good. I’m interested to see how it works out in game play.
  4. Doof

    The Big Roundhouse Fill--recorded examples?

    I was going to say “Hold On” as well - during the bridge. The great thing about Gil Moore’s ‘roundhouse’ fills was how he accented them on the way down. Truly sounded like a tumble downhill.
  5. Doof

    How bout those Chiefs !!!!!!!

    I had no horse in the race, but I was hoping for a Chiefs victory. Now how about that halftime show...
  6. Doof

    "THE FIRM" Friday Five Fer

    Add Midnight Moonlight, and Live In Peace and you have quite a catalog of great songs.
  7. Doof

    Aerosmith Sets the Record Straight Update -- Joey Kramer Played Last Night (2/10)

    Sopports Bun E’s comments about his experience With Tyler in the original thread on this topic.
  8. Doof

    Phil Collins Wanted to Flee Disastrous Led Zeppelin Live Aid Reunion

    Same here. I remember getting calls (actual telephone calls) from friends saying “did you hear Zeppelin is playing” Live Aid?! We were so excited. That excitement overruled any on the fly critique of the performance at the time. The same held true for the audience as was evident. I remember...
  9. Doof

    Aerosmith Sets the Record Straight Update -- Joey Kramer Played Last Night (2/10)

    I trust a lawyer’s statement as much as TMZ
  10. Doof

    Joey Kramer A couple things: I regret linking a tmz article, but it was sent to me on FB. Also, I’m sure there are 2 sides here, but as a drummer you can’t help but feel for the guy. At the same time, how...
  11. Doof

    Yamaha Ultralight Crosstown

    Glad to hear that as I am definitely considering buying soon. My hardware load didn’t help my back problems so I need to do everything I can to lighten the load. I’m curious you know what you mean by “at least for indoor gigs, what’s the difference?
  12. Doof

    How much money do Youtube views bring?

    Views can be bought and paid for. I was in a situation the same as yours. A check to see where the likes/views were coming from showed them heavily skewed to Eastern Europe/Turkey, and under 25 age group. Certainly not our demo. I later found out how this happened: $$
  13. Doof

    What's the etiquette on being asked to backline your kit?

    I did it a few times as I knew some of the members of the other bands, but not necessarily the drummer. Most drummers have been respectful and appreciative, but one tool made me hesitant to do it in the future. My conditions are kick and toms only, bring everything else you want to use -...
  14. Doof

    Drumstick control clips.

    I’ve seen something like this in the back pages of MD way back when. Never considered the need for them, but maybe now. For some reason my sticks tend to slide forward to where the butt ends up in my palm. This might help.
  15. Doof

    OT: AI is here!

    Whatever it was, you just broke it.
  16. Doof

    Gig etiquette: When do you "force" the other drummer off the stage?

    I really can’t believe people can be so dense, and frankly impolite, breaking down onstage. I learned from watching the opening act of the first major concert I went to as a young teenager. When they were done, the drums were moved offstage, carefully, but quickly. That was was before risers...
  17. Doof

    ot: 2020: a perspective

    Wow, that’s some perspective right there! The Wonder Years thing is pretty remarkable to me, despite the much more important timelines.
  18. Doof

    OT. NFL needs to change the rules

    The game is becoming unwatchable. Not only from today’s game mentioned, but the numerous examples in recent years of “not having control of the ball through the completion on the play” that has resulted in some spectacular plays being called back (Calvin Johnson for the Lions years ago seemed...
  19. Doof


    From above your northern border, I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving in the U.S. I am thankful to have such great neighbours like you!
  20. Doof

    Ranking Tom Petty's Drummers

    1. Stan Then the rest.