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  1. Zootopian

    I have dreaded this day... (Electric drums)

    So, fate has it that my family will probably have to move soon (Perhaps by the end of the summer, I actually have no idea) and the prime candidate is a house down the road. Obviously, nothing is final, but I'm just trying to be prepared and make sure I'll be able to make the right decision if I...
  2. Zootopian

    Good God. Look at this.

    http://westernmass.c...1213645248.html :cry:
  3. Zootopian

    Good deal on a Catalina Maple?

    I've been casually browsing CL lately for possible upgrades to my old Pearl Export, and I came across this http://worcester.cra...1184808729.html Just looking for opinions on this, just reading this board for a while I've heard great things about these drums and I'm wondering what you guys think?
  4. Zootopian

    Help with a vintage Pearl kit

    It's a buyer's market these days, and lately I've been thinking about MAYBE upgrading my kit (Pearl Export) by selling it and picking up something better-but-cheap on Craigslist or elsewhere, maybe. http://westernmass.c...1118745614.html This caught my eye because I had seen someone looking...
  5. Zootopian

    OT- DFO users?

    Hey guys, I apologize if maybe this has been brought up and discussed before? I've been using this site a lot since October; I find it very cool that I can record and track what I listen to and when, get suggestions about new music to listen to, see what other people are listening to, and find...
  6. Zootopian

    Need help buying a first Harmonica

    Hey guys! I'm looking for some help buying a harmonica. I love the way they sound and would LOVE to learn how to play for myself, and it would be amazingly fun for a band I'm in when we can't come to my house where the drums are at, and to just add some extra sounds to our music. 1. I have...
  7. Zootopian

    Am I doing something wrong? (Sticks getting chipped...)

    I guess I really need to show a pic or something, which I can't do at the moment unfortunately. But I might as well be cutting my sticks down with a huge nail file or something. Brand new sticks will take me well less than a month to chip down a significant amount (Again, at the moment I can't...
  8. Zootopian

    Need advice for a low-volume gig... *UPDATED*

    So I'm just a kid in High School, been playing since about October of last year. You might call me an advanced beginner. My kit is WONDERFUL (sarcasm) 90s Pearl Export that sounds just fine jamming in my basement for generally medium to higher volume rock music (and metal I guess). I use 747 Pro...
  9. Zootopian

    Ludwig Black Beauty Snare in Western MA - $250 B/O

    I thought I might post this listing (Which is NOT by me) for anyone near MA in the New England area.. http://westernmass.c.../942665114.html I guess it looks to be in ok conidition cosmetically, but the lowest I found this for on the 'Bay was $319, most going for $450+ so I thought this would...
  10. Zootopian

    From humble beginnings.....

    Post your first drum set!!! Pictures or description, lets see where you started and what you did it with. I thought this would be a very cool thread, so post! My CB kit I got in January for my birthday and sold for $225 to buy an Export with good cymbals... MmmmMmmm look at that nice duct...
  11. Zootopian

    Do you mix/reverse your hats?

    Though I'll soon be selling my 14" A Rock Hats, I found recently I got a much better sound when I put the bottom hat on top. I was really amazed at the difference. So do you have your bottom hat on top or do you even have mixed hats?
  12. Zootopian

    What do you think of Jack White as a drummer?

    A while ago I read that Jack White and Alicia Keys would be recording the theme song for the new Bond movie (Quantum of Solace). I was really excited to hear them actually, but completely forgot about it right up until I heard their song at the opening credits. I was really impressed with it, I...
  13. Zootopian

    Paragon 18" Crashes...good deal?

    Someone on my local Craigslist is selling two 18" Paragon crashes for $150 ($75 each). Wondering if this is a good deal on them, as I have always thought they were much more expensive. Say I pick one up, but decide soon after I don't like it (Obviously trying before I buy though) could I flip...
  14. Zootopian

    Won a Paiste 2002 20" Ride, good deal?

    I've been looking for a new ride at fairly cheap price, and found this Paiste 2002 20" Ride (Red label) ... 0297493013 I offered 120 and he accepted, didn't really expect to win it but I thought it would be very worth trying, I love Paiste and have heard...
  15. Zootopian

    What kind of Paiste Ride is this?

    Hehe....yeah I'm flooding the board with my questions about cymbals :D So I have here a Paiste ride which I got when I bought my kit from someone a couple months ago. The photo is pretty bad, I'm going to try to get a better one tomorrow. As you can see it says Paiste and 20" Ride on it...
  16. Zootopian

    Need help with a Vintage 70's Zildjian Ride

    I'm interested in buying a Zildjian Ride from a guy who contacted me on my local Craigslist. I'm just trying to get an idea of what it's worth and what exactly it is, I know almost nothing about cymbals. He says the got it in the 80's tells me that, judging by the hollow logo, it dates back to...
  17. Zootopian

    Ludwig Accent CS Custom Elite Fusion - Any good?

    Yet another plea for drum buying help from a newbie :o I found a Ludwig Accent CS Custom Elite Fusion for a damn good price; Hardware, stands, everything. Musician's Friend has at at $800+ and other site at $600+, so yeah i find this as a pretty good deal. Birch shells make this seem like a...
  18. Zootopian

    Zildjian "Rock Hi Hats" 14" - Avedis? Need help identifying

    I have here a pair of 14" Zildjian "rock" hi hats that came with a drum set I recently. They are pretty old it seems, but they sound great. Above the label is small writing that has some foriegn symbols and the word "Avedis" as well as Made in the US. That's all there is (See picture). Now, I'm...
  19. Zootopian

    Beginner needs help buying a new kit!

    Hi, I have been playing drums since November in my free time and taking lessons once a week (On and off, teacher taking breaks). I got a CB kit for my birthday in January and recently decided I wanted to try to sell it and buy a new kit with some other extra money. I am on a very tight budget...