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    ludwig LC-481 14x10 deep rock snare question

    Yep, what he said. ^^^^^^ Cool find!
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    Ludwig Coliseum experts

    Well, I would be screwed, I own four of them! 2 in natural thermogloss, 1 of which is a slotted shell, and 2 in blue cortex, 1 with a P 85, the other has a P 87 classic throw. I much prefer the P 85 for simplicity and the ability to use different snare wires with ease.
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    Yamaha's New Portable Drum Kit: Stage Custom Hip

    And remember Ludwig's Gig Lite set from the '90s, almost the same exact sizes as the Yamaha with birch shells, too!
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    Ludwig timp tom question

    Finding a 20" might be the proverbial needle in a hay stack. As marching percussion was evolving, the sizes of the marching toms was decreasing which coincided with the time Ludwig was switching over to the 6 ply shells. So yes, they made them but, 14" is probably the biggest timp tom you...
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    Show us YOUR hat ..... :)

    Nope, I wear one as well, just don't have any pics of me wearing it, yet. Full custom 100% beaver from Manny Gammage's Texas Hatters in Lockhart, TX. I absolutely love this hat!
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    What Ludwig Finish Is This?

    I have a set in Blue Marble from circa '94, basically the set from the '94 catalog cover. I know Ludwig was experimenting with different finish options during that time but did not continue them due to being labor intensive, like the marble finishes. I have seen pictures of a set from the same...
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    What Ludwig Finish Is This?

    That isn't Blue Silk, which was a wrap and a brighter blue. This looks to be a custom finish, either from the factory or after market, who knows. The badge grommet doesn't appear tampered with, so maybe an endorser set? Beautiful color, would love to see more pics!
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    Help with ID of Ludwig Monroe keystone kit

    Yep, Classic Birch first gen Gig Lite, 5x10, 6x13, and 8x20, these were the only sizes offered for gig lite sets. The matching snare would have been a 3x13 piccolo. Hardware pack for the set would be 2 flat base cymbal stands, and then regular, single braced hi hat and snare stands along with...
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    Depth for an 18" Kick - not for BeBop

    Chris, we seriously need to meet up for some frosty beverages, talk drums, and catch up! I have a few different 18s that I use, a 10x18 3 ply, a 12x18 6 ply, my classic maple 14x18, and recently bought a 16x18 3 ply floor tom "conversion" and you are welcome to use any of them to try out for a...
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    Single Flange Hoops

    I prefer the look and feel of single flange style rims on snares but I don't have the best ear out there. With that said, I have both brass and steel single flange hoops on some of my snares and the most noticeable difference, to me, is the brass hoops provide a better, more solid sounding side...
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    Snare drum "display" stand?

    I don't know of the company is still in business as I have never dealt with them before, but here is a link to what you are looking for. Hope this helps you out! Clay
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    18” Floors

    I sold off my 18" classic maple floor and bought a 14" floor to replace it. When I have the stage space, I prefer 12", 14" floor, 16" floor over a 22" or 24", depends on the gig. I sit fairly close to my bass and snare with knees at pretty much 90° bend so turning and reaching back for that...
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    Cherry Hill drums?

    I have been using one of the leather wrapped beaters for at least a year now and I love it. I use it on every gig switching between a Ludwig Atlas pedal and the Tama Classic pedal on drums ranging from 18" up to 24" and it handles it all. I bought mine before John came out with the weighted...
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    Cherry Hill drums?

    Yes, my drum has Angel hoops. There were originally 2 drums made for a drum shop, each with John's hand built brass hardware. At the shop's request, he retrofitted one drum with aluminum hardware and the Angel hoops to drop the price point down some. So somewhere out there is a drum opposite...
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    Cherry Hill drums?

    I bought my Cherry Hill snare from another forum member (thanks again cdrummer!) and the drum is absolutely amazing, both in craftsmanship and sound. Since then, I have also aquired several drum keys from John as well, all of them eerily crafted. When I was buying my drum, I emailed John about...
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    Speed King rebuild service ... other hardware too!

    I've got one that needs to be rebuilt. It was given to me by an old friend and might be too beat up, but it is all there. I can PM some pics in the morning if you are up for the challenge. Clay
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    Sold**0x18 Bass Drum Ludwig Shell

    The parts and riser alone are worth the asking price. I built one of these out of a 3 ply shell and it is a great little drum! GLWS!
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    necessity is the mother of invention

    ^^^^ That's funny right there! I guess it made for a good mic holder in the absence of a short stand.
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    Camber T-Tops

    Thanks, Chris! These are actually a 13, 16, 22 mutt set I pieced together; B/O badged bass and floor with a keystone tom, all clear interior 3 ply. I do have a 12 x 18 in blue sparkle that is a 3 ply clear interior marching tom, but the wrap is missing a large chunk on the "bottom." As funds...