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  1. sabian guy

    Drumming Fundamentals

    The other day a non drummer friend asked me how much is there to drumming other than just hitting wooden tubs. I knew this was a pretty dumb question because there is alot to it but it got me thinking, what is the most important things to know for someone starting drums or someone that wants to...
  2. sabian guy

    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    Does anyone know of bands with more than one drummer?
  3. sabian guy


    Does anyone know anything about Delta guitars other than their terrible?
  4. sabian guy


    What sticks do you play?
  5. sabian guy

    Throwing Copper

    Does anyone know what snare drum is used in the Live album Throwing Copper?
  6. sabian guy

    Open handed playing

    Thoughts on open handed playing???
  7. sabian guy

    Snare drum heads

    Has anyone put a batter head on the bottom of a snare drum?