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  1. Pickinator

    The Bumble Bee Heavy Metal Fan

    My wife snapped a picture on our back deck of a bee on a sunflower. I like the bee's right hand salute. It reminds me of the fans at a Judas Priest concert.
  2. Pickinator

    NFL and Neil

    I was wondering if anyone noticed, but during Saturday's divisional playoff games there were bits of Rush songs played during the timeouts and cut-aways to and from commercials. It was nice to see the respect. I assume this was for Neil. Maybe a network said something that I didn't hear?
  3. Pickinator

    DW (18 X 24)" Bass Drums

    I was wondering if any forum members have any experience with bass drums of this size. DW Performance series offers them along with (18 X 22), (14 X 20, 22, 24). Is the (18 X 24) going to be a sluggish boomy drum. I have to admit that I like the punch of the old Rogers Cleveland/Dayton era (14...
  4. Pickinator

    Seahawks Eagles Game

    Lynch TD (10 to 3) at this point Good game so far.
  5. Pickinator

    When The Levee Breaks (and songs that might run too long)

    (This is a kind-of "step-sister" to the Living Loving Maid topic from a few days back.) The Levee song trudges. I change radio stations on this Led Zep song. -Hate to admit it- Maybe it's the harmonica? I recall the 45 record of "American Pie". It was continued on the flip side...
  6. Pickinator

    Living Loving Maid (and Songs That are Too Short)

    I have always liked This Led Zep II song and felt that it was too short. I was wondering if any Forum members have favorite-type songs that are too short. (ie- you wish they were longer)
  7. Pickinator

    Hearing Protection

    First, let me say that I am a firm advocate for it. I am 59 years old and started wearing ear plugs as a young teenager in the band when nobody else did it. Others viewed it as somehow not macho. Yesterday I got together with friends from an old band that we started when we were 9th graders...
  8. Pickinator

    The Beatles "Come Together"

    I never cared for the song, but gave it a close listen on the radio yesterday. I am clueless and don't understand the lyrics nor the meaning of the song. Are there any people here that like the song, understand the lyrics without Googling them, or at least "get it". -Just curious, as the...
  9. Pickinator

    Happy Fathers Day

    Just a shout out to the Dads here at the Forum......
  10. Pickinator

    Harry is Selling Some Gems
  11. Pickinator

    Rogers Wood Dyna Rebirth or Rehash Is this thing for real and if so, what is real. Is this made in America. I like the looks of this thing and someone did their homework; clockface strainer, bread and butter lugs. I am guessing that some of our members here have seen this...
  12. Pickinator

    Am I Dodging a Bullet I almost bought this but thought this seller is familiar to the Forum. A good drum, good price, but is it a good seller.
  13. Pickinator

    Do It Yourself Project Difficulties

    I took the old tolex and rat-hair carpet off of my (2) Carvin Bass amp heads. I also purchased new electric blue Tolex and hardware and sent the works to a professional to redo. 6 weeks and $200 later I received back (2) ugly messes. The pro delegated my projects to her son, "the butcher"...
  14. Pickinator

    The Old Space Muffins

    Has anyone ever owned or played them. I am seeking opinions please. Thanks
  15. Pickinator

    What am I Not Understanding About This Dynasonic

    Is this a re-wrap or an original? It looks nice but the price can't be correct.
  16. Pickinator

    OT: Oil Painting

    I like to do oil painting and my wife has now taken up the hobby. We both like to watch the old Bob Ross videos, but not to necessarily paint what he does. I was curious if there are any other drummers here that like to do oil painting. I can't say that it has any effect on drumming, but it...
  17. Pickinator

    OT: So Long Stephanie

    Bass Player's wife died. Our bass player has been a close friend of mine since we were in 9th grade. We're 57 now. He and his wife were married 32 years. She died Saturday at 6:10pm. She had been battling cancer (lymphoma) for years. I had a "close call" with illness/death myself last...
  18. Pickinator

    So Long to Geezer

    We had to put down our dog today. Geezer (named after Geezer Butler) was a black lab mix that we adopted from the pound as a pup 14 years ago. He had bad stomach cancer and was no longer eating. Hard to do. He was a great dog. :grommit:
  19. Pickinator

    Cymbal Felt Bargain---Not

    This has to be a Joke. I wouldn't buy them from Neil even if he inherited them from Buddy, who bought them from Ringo, who stole them from Gene.
  20. Pickinator

    Rogers Swivo and Yamaha Tom Mount Interchangability

    Question: Will a Yamaha double Tom floor stand accept the Rogers swivomatic tom arms? This is not for rims mounting. Thanks