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  1. Zootopian

    Hilarious CL add for drum trade

    That was hilarious! Thank you for sharing.
  2. Zootopian

    To be flashy or not

    Truly good musicians who choose to exhibit chops do so for a reason. Take Pearl Jam for example. One of their songs, "Why Go" features a really shreddin' guitar solo. Not only does it sound hard to play, but man it's some of the most emotional playing I've ever heard. It fits the...
  3. Zootopian

    Gym damage?

    This is good advice. But again, there are a number of ways you could do a bicep curl and get similar effects. It's worked for me.
  4. Zootopian

    Gym damage?

    I personally have had trouble with bicep curls. Say you're standing up straight, doing them with both arms, I found that If I was going too wide (outside) or to close (inside) with the weights that there sometimes could be A LOT of stress which would hurt the side of my left arm when I tried...
  5. Zootopian

    These better be some nice drums!

    Where to start... Well, what am I buying? A "drum set." DUDE, I love those! I hear they sound great in the studio AND on the stage. All I need to do is fix them, rewrap them, and change the heads. Who cares what brand/model/color/sizes I'm getting, "THIS IS A GOOD DEAL." "FULL SET WITH CYMBALS...
  6. Zootopian

    CL Yamaha set find...I.D. please.

    Just wanted to chime in and say damn, that looks nice. I don't know enough to tell you anything more though :wink:
  7. Zootopian

    Apparently this is how beginners learn now

    Obviously, I get the point. But we need to be fair here. First off, the guy in the video has been playing real drums (Self-tought though, never had lessons) for a few years. Long before you could drum along with Rock Band/Guitar Hero. Of course, he isn't going to have proper technique and what...
  8. Zootopian

    Not just a drummer?

    When I use the term musician to describe a drummer, it's an honor. Yes, if you play an instrument (such as DRUMS), you are a musician. So, a drummer sets a rhythm and keeps time. A person who is more a musician than a drummer does all this while playing for the song; He contributes with soul...
  9. Zootopian

    What's Up With All The Spam?

    We must have some damn fast mods :wink:, Honestly I have not seen ANY spam in my almost year here at DFO.
  10. Zootopian

    This ebay auction needs to win an award

    Smart young people unite! :wink:
  11. Zootopian

    Another Ludicrous Set

    Doesn't that kit belong to Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater? ... 20set!.jpg Close enough :D
  12. Zootopian

    This ebay auction needs to win an award

    Hell, I'm 16! It pains me to see ANYBODY use awful grammar and spelling in an eBay listing, Craigslist posting, etc. Publicly displaying that you may not have passed the 2nd grade spelling and grammar tests always jumped out at me as a BAD way to get serious customers.
  13. Zootopian

    This ebay auction needs to win an award

    :lol: I also like the "Used doesn't have bottoms drum set" part :D
  14. Zootopian

    This ebay auction needs to win an award

    Wow. That listing SHOULD get an award. What the hell was he thinking? "Oh, I'll put something on eBay with absolutely no information about it." Does he except people to buy drums with no picture, brand, sizes, he's not clear at all what's included, what anything might look like etc? Not to...
  15. Zootopian

    Cymbal Adjectives...

    Sounds like Bonham's :D
  16. Zootopian

    I have dreaded this day... (Electric drums)

    So, fate has it that my family will probably have to move soon (Perhaps by the end of the summer, I actually have no idea) and the prime candidate is a house down the road. Obviously, nothing is final, but I'm just trying to be prepared and make sure I'll be able to make the right decision if I...
  17. Zootopian

    Good God. Look at this.

    http://westernmass.c...1213645248.html :cry:
  18. Zootopian

    Your favorite recorded snare sound

    Nice pick, great sound on that track. Mine has to be Larry Mullen's 12x7" Sheoak Block snare on Until the End of the World - U2 (from the "Go Home: Live from Slane Castle" 2001 live recording/dvd)
  19. Zootopian

    Good deal on a Catalina Maple?

    I've been casually browsing CL lately for possible upgrades to my old Pearl Export, and I came across this http://worcester.cra...1184808729.html Just looking for opinions on this, just reading this board for a while I've heard great things about these drums and I'm wondering what you guys think?
  20. Zootopian

    Help with a vintage Pearl kit

    It's a buyer's market these days, and lately I've been thinking about MAYBE upgrading my kit (Pearl Export) by selling it and picking up something better-but-cheap on Craigslist or elsewhere, maybe. http://westernmass.c...1118745614.html This caught my eye because I had seen someone looking...