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  1. Kevaruka

    Yamaha Experts, Help needed with 9000RC Serial Number please.

    Have just bought a 14x8 9000 Recording Custom Snare Drum to match my kit. Model is SD-980RP. The Serial just shows "KP" No numbers. Any ideas please? Many thanks & kind regards, Kevin.
  2. Kevaruka

    Wanted. Pearl Masters MMP 10" Redline Tom.

    Hi all. Have asked this over on the PDF Forum but also thought it wouldn't harm to ask here also. I am trying to fins a 10" tom for my Pearl Masters Premium Maple "Redline" kit. I know these are very rare kits & even more so here in the UK. I have emailed Pearl but am yet to receive a reply :(...
  3. Kevaruka

    Black Panther 13x7 Blaster with Puresound 30 strand wires???

    Have a 13x7 Blaster & am wondering if I can fit 30 strand Pure Sound wires? I have done this on my Tama SLP G-Maple but the gaps on the bottom hoop look wider on that. Anyone fitted wider wires to a Blaster?
  4. Kevaruka

    Scymtek Xtreme Cymbals

    Well, I took a punt on a full set of these yesterday (14" Hats, 16,17,18,19" Crash, 22" Ride, 20" China) for the bargain price of 400 including Hardcase. These will be my touring set as I get increasingly paranoid about taking my Zildjians on planes....... Have been trying to find out about...
  5. Kevaruka

    Kim Kardashian wearing a jacket with my band's name on..........

    How dare she........ Saw this today via Facebook & it made me laugh. Wonder if we can sue for breach of copyright LOL. 13339669_1202708459748186_8875081779556319662_n by Kevin Frost, on Flickr Thought we would make a poster............. Kim Kardashian wearing a jacket with my band's...
  6. Kevaruka

    Tune Bot settings for Power Toms??

    Hi there, I have been doing a lot of searching for some settings to use on 12x10, 13x11, 16x16 Power Toms (Yamaha RC & Yamaha RTC) I can find lots of setting for "Silly Size Toms" but none whatsoever for my sizes :( Any help out there regarding some suggested settings? Many thanks, Me :)