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  1. drumreaper

    Roland SPD-30 help needed - re: Phrases

    So, I have a Roland SPD-30, v.2.02, and I'm using it for live performances along with my acoustic kit. I have a few phrases (loops) in it that I'm using as well, but I can't seem to easily get OUT of the loop or phrase mode and back to just the kits when I'm done with the phrase. I can start...
  2. drumreaper

    Innovation - totally new use for a cymbal!

    Last night I was cooking on the wok...and realized I didn't have the cover! A little improvisation, and I was in business! Zildjian Chicken, anyone?
  3. drumreaper

    Wife drum terminology...

    Wife and I heard "La Grange" at lunch today on the radio...she asked if the description of the opening drum part technique was called a "rim job" - soda shot out my nose. Couple sitting next to us looked at the floor. Anyone else have similar situations?
  4. drumreaper

    PIE SALE! ALL SOLD! Thanks!

    Well, fellers, the 18" is the only one left! How 'bout a flat hunnerd bucks shipped? 20" Modern A. Zildjian Medium Ride - 2435 grams - pretty much standard of the industry, no issues, just stick marks/fingerprints, great ride, I'm just a 22" kinda guy - $145 SOLD $SOLD$ 19" A. Zildjian...
  5. drumreaper

    Met some Turks today.

    For the second time in a year, a contingent of Turkish ambassadors/manufacturers/dignitaries have visited the Capitol here whwere I work. Out in the rotunda, a huge display of various products, both industrial and artistic, laid out on tables. No cymbals?!? What the...? I stopped at a few of...
  6. drumreaper

    Am I missing something here??

    When plain old A. Zildjian New Beats start going for THIS PRICE, I'm ready to liquidate. But I think this dude is clearly delusional...or am I missing something?
  7. drumreaper

    CL: How does one hit the "upper" tom?

    Crazy configuration of the day: Looky here
  8. drumreaper

    LUDWIG snare?

    Doesn't look like any Ludwig shell I ever saw...LUDWIG? Tell me if I'm wrong?
  9. drumreaper

    'Twas the night before Christmas...

    This came into my head last night as I was watching the scene unfold: T'was the night before Christmas and all thru the house, There were pads, phones and laptops and nary a mouse. Everyone was on Facebook to spread Christmas cheer, Or texting their friends who were already here. The kids were...
  10. drumreaper

    Hello Music: Gretsch Renown new $972

    Just saw this, seems like a really good deal: Hello Music Just passin' it along!
  11. drumreaper

    Early Christmas Present

    So, tonight, I was packing up for rehearsal, and the wife couldn't contain herself...she had to give me an early present: a Steve Gadd Cymbal bag! That's my girl!
  12. drumreaper

    OT: Besides John Lennon... marks the 35th anniversary of my mom's death by car accident. Seems like it was only yesterday. I only mention it because I feel a special closeness to everyone here that I don't feel anywhere else. She was cool, very cool. Encouraged me to follow my music, and made me play guitar and...
  13. drumreaper

    is this a good deal?

    The local mom and POP has a pair of 13" K. Custom Dark hihats (used) for 149 bucks. Is that a good deal? Don't do a lotta Zildjians, mostly a Paiste guy, but these sound really cool.
  14. drumreaper

    Drumreaper's band gig in MO

    At the R & R Sports Bar in Higbee, MO - my band Crash Landing laying down the MOJO.
  15. drumreaper

    CL: Huge drum collection for sale!

    Check THIS St. Louis craigslist ad....wish it wasn't so close to Christmas, this guy's got literally TONS of stuff.
  16. drumreaper

    First live gig with the Sonor Ascents

    I know I've switched and flipped kits in my band for a long time, and the guys usually just shrug it off. But last night was the affirmation of the decade; At load-out, the singer laughingly told me if I ever sold the Ascents, he'd personally kick my butt...and he and the guitarist then went on...
  17. drumreaper

    The Ascents descended...

    So, today, they delivered them to my work, and I had to work the rest of the day knowing they were down there waiting for me! Augh! But, I got them home, started unpacking, and I was very impressed with the look, feel and heft of them. The finish was superb in every way, the chrome was almost...
  18. drumreaper

    They should arrive tomorrow! new Sonor Ascent kit, that is! Wanted one since they came on the market. Got the 10-12-16-22 in Burnt Fade with snare and hardware. Full photos and maybe a video when I get them in! I'm pumped!
  19. drumreaper

    Double-Braced Stands - don't believe the hype!

    This is, of course, just my opinion...but in 45 years of playing, I've seen stands evolve from the old Ludwig flimsy flat base jobs to these monstrous stands that could hold a small car over a kick drum, but I have to say, the whole 'double-braced is better/stronger/more stable' is pure hype...
  20. drumreaper

    KC Craigslist: Old Kent drum set $75!

    Here ya go!