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  1. MikeWertz

    What are vintage Instanbul K's worth?

    Hey! What do you guys know about these stamps from the 50s? Might be doing a deal with these as partial trade. Any input would be appreciated. In addition to this cymbal there would be a set of 14'' hats in similar condition with same stamp. I believe they are worth about $1000-$1250 in the...
  2. MikeWertz

    Hornet Drum Sticks!

    Hey thought I would throw this out there. I like most of you have probably had 3-5 hour shows etc and sometimes lay in a little hard depending on the night. I've gotten tendonitus and intersection syndrome in the past. Part of this was my fault (weird stick hit or awkward hold when stick was...
  3. MikeWertz

    Cracked 18'' 40's zildjian cymbal

    A lent an 18'' 40s zildjian to another drummer who put a 1'' crack on the edge. Should I cut it down or cur the crack out? Best, Mike
  4. MikeWertz

    Ludwig 70s engraved black beauties

    I've got an engraved Ludwig supersensitive BB pointy blue olive, how rare are these? It's in mint condition, any idea on the value? Thanks! Mike
  5. MikeWertz

    Rogers WMP 14'' Floor Tom

    Hello, I've got a mint condition Rogers Holiday 14'' WMP Floor Tom in mint condition. What is it worth? Why are the 14'' so much more valuable than the other sizes?
  6. MikeWertz

    Ludwig 3 play Maple/Poplar/Maple

    Got a Ludwig (around 1970) 22, 16, 14, 12, 13 and a Jazz Fest in this shell/gold sparkle. Love um! Other than craviotto shells these are probably my faves. Anybody else?