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  1. Doof

    Joey Kramer A couple things: I regret linking a tmz article, but it was sent to me on FB. Also, I’m sure there are 2 sides here, but as a drummer you can’t help but feel for the guy. At the same time, how...
  2. Doof

    Recording drums in different rooms

    Just stumbled on this video, not sure if it's been posted before. We all know how different our drums sound in various rooms. This is a pretty interesting comparison.
  3. Doof

    RIP Glenn Frey

    sorry already posted. Disregard.
  4. Doof

    OT (Somewhat) - Reading material to avoid

    Since getting an e-reader as a gift, I have become an avid reader of music biographies. Occasionally some one will post suggested books that are good reads. I think all who have read them will agree that books like Keith Richard's Life, Levon Helm's This Wheel's on Fire, and Motley Crue's The...
  5. Doof

    Ludwig drum heads at....Walmart?

    Apparently so! Along with Evans, Remo, etc.... Maybe this is old news, but I had no idea. Certainly not available over here. How do the prices compare to other online sources or retailers? **Edit, oops sorry, just noticed a thread...
  6. Doof

    DW Snare design/question

    The bass player brought his DW snare to rehearsal last night for me to tune up and evaluate. He plays drums casually at home, and loves the sound of my Sensitone Alumimum. He was debating on selling the DW, buying a Sensitone and pocketing the difference. I know very little about DW snares...
  7. Doof

    Gave notice to my band of 10 years

    Hardest thing I've had to do in years. Both me and the lead player are moving on. Too many dates, too much travelling, hotels, and coming to realize what I have missed over the years. Not only in this band, but previous ones too. In the end, I wasn't enjoying it anymore. Time to reconnect with...
  8. Doof

    Lavatory for drummers

    Mods please delete topic. Can't attach photo for some reason. Thanks.
  9. Doof

    Here's some unsusual Craviotto's

    My wife was down in Nashville for Keith Urban fan club party and snapped a couple pics of Chris Mchugh's beauties. I myself and not a fan of concert toms, but I like when high profile players try something different than the norm.
  10. Doof

    Take a look at this beauty from a festival this weekend

    We opened for Big & Rich at a country music festival this weekend and while I was setting up cymbals on the backline, I noticed this beauty on the riser to my left. I am thinking Keystone due to the lugs, but I never saw that finish before, or the wood hoops. Just striking visually, and...
  11. Doof

    Drummer's do have the best view

    A regular stop on our circuit sheduled us for the final round of a Bud Light bikini contest. This is the second time we have had the priveledge, with our singer being asked to host - lucky guy. Just wanted to share the view I had last night. Apologies to the fine ladies we have here on the...
  12. Doof

    OT - Where would you go?

    I've come to realize, after collecting an airlines miles slowly over the course of many years, that I have enough miles to take the family (4) anywhere in the continental USA and Canada. However, most of these miles will expire this year, so I have to use them. We've sheduled the first 2 weeks...
  13. Doof

    Dave Lombardo

    I am not a fan of Slayer on the genre, but I do know Dave Lombardo is a very good drummer. This statement was shared with me today. I find it troubling how accountants, lawyers, possibly even bandmates will screw/mis-manage you out of money given the opportunity. "Statement From Dave...
  14. Doof

    My new favourite snare

    I've always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted a 402 Supra, but for some reason, never pulled the lever on one. A couple weeks ago, I popped into a music store while out of town and a new 6.5 Pearl Sensitone Elite Aluminum was sitting there on the snare display. As soon as I saw it, I...
  15. Doof

    OT - Celebration Day

    Anybody headed to the premiere showing this evening? I know it will be out on DVD next month, but I have fond memories of watching The Song Remains The Same in the theatre way back when. Looking forward to it, the word is that it sounds tremendous.
  16. Doof

    September 25, 1980

    Still influences me to this day.
  17. Doof

    Checking out small town music stores

    I played a private event in small town Ontario this weekend. We loads of time to kill between sound check and first set, so we grabed a bite in a small local restaurant and on the way back saw a small storefront for a music shop. Someone in band suggested we stop, you never know what they may...
  18. Doof

    OT -

    This website is fantastic. Every day, there's an "On this Day.." update where he describes a live gig, recording session, release, etc... This can be Zeppelin, Yardbirds, Firm, solo, or anything he's been involved with. Most of these updates include a sound clip or video with related photos...
  19. Doof

    Gretsch Renowns in studio

    Just thought I would share as I like looking at them almost as much as playing them. It was the first time I used these on a recording project and they did not dissappoint. The engineers barely touched them once set up, save for a piece of gel on the floor tom. For the curious, the setup was...
  20. Doof

    Playing a brewery this weekend

    I see some pics on here once and awhile of winery gigs, but more fitting to my tastes, we are playing a company event at Labatt's this weekend. Not my brand, but I could be swayed. I think the appropriate emoticon is: :occasion5: I will assume they won't have Molson's at the bar.