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    Benny Greb Bass Head?

    Does anyone know if Benny Greb uses a Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 in an Ambassador or Diplomat?
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    Sabian 20" HHX Legacy Ride Cymbal

    Just bought this one online. But, it is not quite the right pitch to blend with my other cymbals. So, it is yours for a great price!
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    9" 10" and 11" toms?

    After working with a lot of toms, I would really like to know what a 9" 10" and 11" rack tom configuration would be like. I feel like an 8" is a bit too small, and a 12" inch is a bit too big. Hard to get heads though.
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    Sabian HHX Evolution 16" and 18" crashes for sale

    I have a couple of Sabian cymbals I am selling. 16" 18" They are both mint.
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    Good Cymbal Suggestions to pair with a Sabian Big and Ugly Phoenix 22" ?

    Can anyone give me any good recommendations for cymbals that would pair nicely with a Sabian Big and Ugly Phoenix 22" ? I am looking for another ride that is crashable (I love the big and ugly for this reason), but perhaps 18, 19, or 20 inch would be cool. I want a different voice with the...
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    Advise on cutting down a Yamaha cymbal arm-rod

    I am looking for some advice on how to cut down a yamaha cymbal rod. I have a medium length rod, and I want to cut it down to a small length (see pic 1). The top has a hole in it with some kind or compression pin in the hole. Is removing the top as simple as removing the pin and then pulling...
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    Die Cast or 2.3 triple flange hoops on snare drum

    Crowd sourcing my decision... Should I go with die-cast hoops or 2.3 triple flange on my new snare build? The drum is a 14" 8ply maple shell. Thanks!
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    RCK Snare Throw Off and wood

    Has anyone used an RCK snare throw with with PDP wood hoops? I am trying to verify they work well together prior to making purchases. Link to PDP Hoops here Link to RCK throw here
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    Alternate to real skin head

    I have some leftover drum shell parts, a couple of 14" x 3-4" deep shells that are leftover from cutting down a shell. I want to make a shaman drum like the photo attached with them. However, as a vegan, I am hoping to find an alternative to the skin head that I could wrap the same way.
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    Any opinions/thoughts on optimum tom/cymbal heights?

    From an ergonomics standpoint, I am trying to consider optimum tom height. Should they be belly button high? chest high? Between? Any rules of thumb out there?
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    WhisperClip resilient isolation clips - Pack of 18 for Sale - $25.00 +shipping

    I have a bunch of used whiperclips that are in good shape. I have 18 of them. They are used to decouple/isolate a ceiling when making a sound proof drum room. $25.00 +shipping
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    Recommendation for wood snare hoops?

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a place to purchase Yamaha-style wood hoops for a 10 lug snare drum?
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    Remo vintage heads to improve head to shell contact?

    Ok, so I watched this video from Mapex on how they cut their bearing edges: then I thought...since I have double 45 edges, couldn't I just put remo classic fit heads to solve the same problem? here:
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    HHX Evolution 16" Crash For Sale

    I have an HHX Evolution 16" Crash For Sale. Like-new condition. $150.00 plus shipping. Will post pics later today.
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    Turning my 14 inch Floor tom into a Snare - DIY Snare Beds?

    I am planning to cut my 14 inch floor tom down and convert it into a 5.5 x 14 snare. I found a local music store to cut the drum down and cut bearing edges for me. BUT they don't want to cut snare beds. So, here is my question... Should I go to someone else that will do everything for me...
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    Refinish a drum from Red To Black

    I custom built a drum kit that is beautifully finished in red with transtint dyes and Arm-r-seal gloss. After many years I am kind of getting sick of the color. I would really like a black kit. I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding reworking this kit from red to black...
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    Remo Fiberskyn

    I am thinking of going with Remo Fiberskyn's on my kit. 10, 12, 14, 16 with a 20 bass. I noticed that Jeff Hamilton goes with Fiberskyn Diplomat's on the top (7.5 mil) and clear Ambassadors on the bottom (10 mil). Anyone have experience with this config? Or would I be better off with...
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    The 8 and 10 inch rack toms of the 80's

    In the late 80's I was mesmerized by Dave Weckl on the 1st electric band album. I remember watching his Back to the Basics VHS tape for hours. What ever happen to the 8 inch and 10 inch rack toms that he used to play/promote. Vinnie Colaiuta used to play the same configuration on the Arsenio...
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    Drilling holes for rivets

    I want to drill a hole (or two or three) in a ride cymbal. I got these sabian rivets: Here is my question. Has anyone used these and do you have a recommended drill bit size? I have a unibit stepped drill bit that I am...
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    Yamaha CL-945B YESS Tom Ball Clamp & Yamaha Parallel Multiclamp for $20.00

    I have a Yamaha CL-945B YESS Tom Ball Clamp and a Yamaha Parallel Multiclamp for sale. I will give you both of them for $20.00 + shipping. They are in like new condition.