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  1. squidart

    Yamaha Japan Lugs & Clip Mounts

    Sorry. :(
  2. squidart

    Sat Feb 8 Watershed Pub Seattle

    Hey Randy. Thanks so much for making the journey out! It was a pleasure to meet you guys although you didn’t heckle me as requested. ;)
  3. squidart

    Favorite Odd Meter song/piece/recording/performance

    It’s all in 7 but the the subtle accents and interplay creates some really interesting textural stuff. And it’s Jaki Liebezeit so it ain’t gonna be sloppy, ever.
  4. squidart

    Sat Feb 8 Watershed Pub Seattle

    I’m going Japanese tonight with a 60s Pearl 20,12,16 and either a 60s no name MIJ snare or Tama birch/bubinga starclassic. Looks like lower volume may be the ticket but I’ve never played there. They’re throwing in a meal on the deal so that’s really my main concern. ;)
  5. squidart

    Sat Feb 8 Watershed Pub Seattle

    Come out and heckle me.
  6. squidart

    Franken-K (cymbal repair)

    That has the most haunting wash! Love it. Well done.
  7. squidart

    Mitch Mitchell Drum Heads....

    Um...wut? Wow...
  8. squidart

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Many thanks to @City Slang for a most pleasant and easy transaction! Enjoy those Resonators, Todd!
  9. squidart

    One strange Zildjian cymbal - laughed pretty hard on this one

    The moths are brutal wherever they live.
  10. squidart

    Hello ... new member intro

    Hey Zeek! Welcome to the gear acquisition enablers group. We’re here for ya! :)
  11. squidart

    Pink Floyd Tribute on 1/11/20 in Hallandale, FL

    This looks to be a ridiculously fun gig! Sadly I’m on the wrong side of this land mass otherwise I’d be there with bells on. Please post video if you get any and have a great show!
  12. squidart

    Hand issues....not off topic.

    Never had it but consider mass quantities of juju headed your way as we speak!
  13. squidart

    Cymbal Smith ID help:

    Ariel is here @rumbabajabba
  14. squidart

    Hens Teeth DO Exist!

    Ain’t it the truth! Congrats on reaching your destination.
  15. squidart

    Tonal properties of Muppet?

    They are nice but I suggest using a wide selection of brushes.
  16. squidart

    What is your definition of the job of a drummer

    I appreciate your solid work ethic.
  17. squidart

    Rogers T-Rod markings.What do they mean?

    I noticed the same mixed markings on mine as I was cleaning them. Guessing they were different casting runs at the contracted foundry but I’m curious as well.
  18. squidart

    Rogers rering repair questions

    My floor tom has separation at the joint on both ends. Same for the bass drum on one end. It doesn’t look to be from impact but rather the shell has shrunk just enough to force the rings away from it. I did a little gentle test clamping (without glue) and there is not enough gap to easily press...
  19. squidart

    Slight OT: Piano Trio Jazz

    George Shearing’s trio stuff is sweet.