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  1. bigbeat

    New Product That Monitors Your Tempo

    I have been a long time user of the now discontinued Tempo Ref. When I heard about the Rok Tempo, I ordered one and was very pleased, so I ordered a 2d one for back up. I have a suggestion- please shorten the function knob 'tower.' I believe it could be substantially flattened down so that it...
  2. bigbeat

    Why you shouldn't do $100 gigs....

    If one enjoys playing, the gig is music one likes, the distance is not too far, the other players are good, then one can accept $100 gigs (or even less). From my point of view, it's $100 more than I would have had if I stayed home.
  3. bigbeat

    New kit just landed

    Gorgeous drums! Congratulations!
  4. bigbeat

    New Product That Monitors Your Tempo

    Use Tempo Ref, ordered this to compare.
  5. bigbeat

    Powerstroke 3 vs Ambassador Resonant Bass Drum Head

    I think you should reverse the heads: Powerstroke 3 as batter, and coated Emperor tuned a little higher, as resonant front head, no port.
  6. bigbeat

    yet ANOTHER laughable greatest list

    This is my avatar!
  7. bigbeat

    need snare drum advice

    Simple. See the September 5th article in Rolling Stone.:icon_e_biggrin:
  8. bigbeat

    You know that big stash of Ludwig drumheads you stocked up on........well

    Base upon the Sweetwater link, it appears Remo is only making Silver Dot heads.
  9. bigbeat

    New Guy

    Welcome to DFO! Can we call you K? or Walter? or Frank? :hello2:
  10. bigbeat

    Question - slightly o.t.

  11. bigbeat

    ot: Moondog

    I grew up in NYC, and as a child I remember seeing Moondog walking on the streets in Manhattan. I didn't know anything about him.
  12. bigbeat

    Accompanying an acoustic guitarist

  13. bigbeat

    Heads up, cheap drum rug!

    What exactly are "these?" Size, color, material, price?
  14. bigbeat

    Micing a snare drum

  15. bigbeat

    After 35 years, honored a promise to myself

    I'm not following this. Did you invent a new type of stick? Use a new type of wood? A new process for shaping the wood? Please explain.
  16. bigbeat

    Amazon deals thread

    Up to $293.77 as of 8:37 am eastern time.
  17. bigbeat

    Yamaha recording custom or maple absolute hybrid snare?

    +1 Mine is from 1988 and gets compliments from other drummers all the time.