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    Cascio Interstate Music could cease operation in April, 2020

    I never knew of Cascio until few days ago. Yes, really. I will tell you this, lately I've seen many good businesses close because the owner, usually a long time original owner, wants to retire. He figures his kids will take it over. Nope. The kids don't want the hassle or responsibility. I've...
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    Roland volume issue

    I would check if there's a separate bluetooth app running on the PC that may have its own volume setting. What cans are you running? Have you tried asking over at forums? Good luck with whatever you decide. PS, borrowed from another site by Fabe777: "On the main drum kit page on the...
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    How resilient is Trick’s powder coat on bass drum riser?(shipping damage question)

    You'll lose some in the creases that were made when u bend it back. I would put black permanent marker on there and forget about it until its rusted over. Paint doesn't adhere to pc unless you hit it with 180 or 220 grit sandpaper.
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    Drum Rugs (IKEA)

    My drum rug is a pair of $18 TrafficMaster black 3x5 rugs from Home Depot that I glued together with construction adhesive, making it a 6x5. Rubber backing and my stands don't slip on the surface. It's actually perfect but I must admit I started looking for a Persian/Oriental rug cuz I dig the...
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    What Heads For A PDP CX

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    Help Joining Cymbal Tube to L Arm

    I've done ideas like that before. Best way to do it is use some type of adhesive, ...ala JB Weld, and roll pin. The adhesive keeps the smaller pipe/tube from moving ever so slightly which might come thru the mics if recording or could throw off your cymbal/drum/etc angle. Only thing is it'll be...
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    I think I have a bruised or broken rib from a bike crash. Gigging was tough!

    Be glad you didn't break one! Bruised is bad enough. My ex broke a rib falling over a telephone poll being used as a parking header in a lot once. Fell face forward with her hands underneath her and that's what did it. First time I ever saw her cry she was in so much pain. I feel for ya, Dan...
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    Favorite cowbell?

    Beginning of Born to Be Wild. :D
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    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    Jerry Gaskill from King's X. He's a super nice, cool guy and such a underrated drummer and musician. Jerry!
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    For you Gear Geeks... What’s Your "GUILTY PLEASURE" Piece of Gear?

    My ddrum3 and TD-20 modules were my guilty pleasures. Used the ddrum3 just for drums, percussion, and samples and the TD-20 for cymbals and everything else. Then I sold them. :sad11: Now my guilty pleasure is my homemade throne shaker. So nice to feel the kick when live.
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    What Heads For A PDP CX

    I love that kit, Shuffle! I usually use Pinstripes or Remo clear Ambs on top of Remo clear Ambs but I just got Aquarian Super-2 clears for batters and Classic Clear for resos and really like them. IMO they're much more alive.
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    Peterson Body Beat Pulse Solo

    Saw a few old threads about the Peterson Body Beat Pulse Solo and was wondering if anyone uses one of these lately and what's your take on it? My guess is there's no amp chip or low pass filter in there and relies solely on the phone's output. How "loud" is its tactility? (that's a word, ain't...
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    Too Soon? Portnoy Playing Rush Songs on Toy Drums Seems Disrespectful

    Never liked Portnoy. Seemed, and still does, like an asshat to me.
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    LiveBPM App Question

    Guys, I read a few old threads where the LiveBPM app was mentioned. It piqued my curiosity. There is not try b4 you buy apparently. I can't figure how this thing works so well in a band or gig situation with all the other noises going on (bass, guitars, crowd, etc). After all, it's using your...
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    PDP tuning rod binding?

    :thumbright: Definitely the way to go if you've got patience and time because it's easy to screw those threads up.
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    Four piece with a ten up and sixteen down…

    Frank's a great guy with a great ear and plays killer guitar! All those guys on that show are stellar and make that show sound, and look, as good as it does.
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    Four piece with a ten up and sixteen down…

    Depends on the songs. It's too big a spread for most stuff I'm doing but sounds good here. Thanks for the vid link. That's my buddy Frank Robbins behind the scenes. Go Frank! :occasion5:
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    I ordered a Jenkins-Martin 3-piece drum kit.

    That's pretty damn nice, bro! I'd love to hear a sound clip. They must have some sweet reso and sustain.
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    Tama Star Walnut 22x18" Mint Green Mist Bass Drum

    Wow! Green ain't my thang, but that is be-a-utiful! If I had the $ I'd buy a whole set of that. Good luck with the sale.
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    PDP tuning rod binding?

    YW. I must admit I haven't ever had that problem with any other brands, though I've mostly had Tamas. It could happen with any brand if they run their tooling longer than they should. MOF, I wonder if it's one company making all the rods and/or lugs these days over in Asia. I doubt it'd be cost...